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The best hairdressers never stop learning, and that’s precisely what the Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Project X team is all about.

Open to hairdressers of any age and level of experience (following basic training), Project X allows hairdressers to keep pushing, develop their skills and enjoy unrivalled opportunities for exposure and growth.

Over the course of their year on the team, Project X undergo training in all aspects of hairdressing, as well as stage work, media profiling and a shoot with a top photographer. This year’s team recently undertook their first session with team leader, Kai Wan, as well as presentation expert Edward Hemmings.

Following an overview of the exciting year ahead from Kai, the team spent the rest of the day perfecting their presentation skills - something which will pay dividends over the next 12 months, as they present both in front of other Fellowship members and on stage at events across the country. Following Edward’s advice and guidance, the team were tasked with presenting to their peers about an object which they had brought with them. Following feedback, they presented again at the end of the day - with a new-found confidence and skill set.

It was pretty scary, but it was great to learn and gain points to improve on. By the end of the day, it was lovely to see that everyone had grown in confidence. - Phillippa Lee from Yaxley Hair & Beauty

Presenting in front of people is never easy, no matter who you are, but if it was easy, we’d all just give up! I really feel much more confident after today.

Everything that this day involved - from stage skills to talking clearly - built my confidence. I walked away feeling confident, excited and inspired by the rest of the team. I can’t wait for the rest of the year! - Dani Ball from Headquarters

Project X Team 2019
  • Charlotte Johnson, The Annexx
  • Clare Heatherill, The Chapel
  • Dani Ball, Headquarters
  • Emma Male, Em2
  • Janene Hawkins, Heavenly Hairstyling
  • Krysia Eddery, Perfectly Posh Hair
  • Harlee Gresty, Lewis Moore Salons
  • Phillippa Lee, Yaxley Hair & Beauty
  • Dan Law, Lara Johnson Lifestyle
  • Rory Mason, Ashley Gamble
  • Zara Clelland, Marc Antoni

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