These New ANTI Hair Collective Products Encourage Authenticity

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Introducing a new approach to styling from the ANTI Hair Collective; a product line that celebrates individuality, negates trends and encourages authenticity.

Created, trialled and developed by ANTI Founder, Francesco Ruggerino and Global Creative Director, Nick Irwin, the brand doesn’t dictate, but rather revels in empowering the individual. ANTI’s down-to-earth products are all about simplicity: straightforward ingredients, neutral packaging and fragrance, and high-performance formulas for results as personal as each head of hair. The no-fuss range of styling and care products allows your work to take centre stage, celebrating the art and craft of the stylist and empowering professionals to create diverse, individualistic, styles for their clients – no retouching or filters required. Built around the philosophy of, “your style, our culture”, the range consists of an everyday shampoo and conditioner, and a range of styling products designed to enhance the hair without overpowering.

ANTI is a brand that challenges the status quo in beauty. We empower confidence and creativity and take pride in transparency. We look at what no longer serves us as hairstylists and salon owners and from here, we come together to create change. - Francesco Ruggerino

ANTI formulations are stripped-back, honest, concentrated and performance-driven. They merge proven plant-based botanicals with modern, functional ingredients for the results you expect, and nothing you don’t. And because ANTI knows that what you leave out is often as important as what you put in, the products are free from animal-derived ingredients, gluten, SLS/SLES, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and mineral oil. ANTI is vegan and is also committed to supporting the end of animal testing. The range is proud to hold the Leaping Bunny stamp of approval; the gold-standard in cruelty-free certification.

ANTI’s power-packed array of ingredients negates the need for silicones and replaces them with highly-concentrated formulas including nourishing oils of Avocado, Coconut and Macadamia and the super ingredient, Moringa Leaf Extract. ANTI's treatment properties are led by a protein cocktail of Almond, Baobab and Quinoa, while the texture products utilise modern polymers and Pink Himalayan Salt to create workable grit and volume. Antioxidants, Moringa Leaf and Sunflower Seed protect against damage from environmental aggressors and provide the ultimate protection for all-day styling. Because ANTI is for everyone, the minimalist packaging and neutral fragrance – with notes of citrus, exotic greens and dry, spicy woods – are created to work with any space, any salon and any stylist. It’s about products that work – no fuss; just great hair.

I’ve been waiting my whole career for a brand like this. Every element comes from my aesthetic as a hairstylist, and on a personal level. It’s time for change in the industry and in the world – ANTI is at the heart of that. - Nick Irwin

In a world of ordinary it’s time to be ANTI ordinary. What are you ANTI?
  • Everything Shampoo: Your daily shampoo, suitable for all hair types. The nourishing sulphate-free formula gently cleanses the hair while protecting colour, washing away environmental aggressors and leaving hair strong, healthy and hydrated
  • Everything Conditioner: This deeply restorative conditioner is suitable for use on every hair type, every day. The luxe cream formula nourishes dry and damaged hair while reducing breakage, soothing the scalp and giving colour a new lease of life.
  • Everything Spray: Say hello to your new must-have! This leave-in conditioner detangles, hydrates and softens the hair to create the perfect blank canvas. Use it in the salon as primer to even porosity, or after colour to equalise hair and seal the cuticle. Used on dry hair, it breathes life back into day-old styles.
  • Styling Spray: Amp up your styling with this working spray, which provides volume and control – as well as a dose of moisture, heat protection and hold. Use on damp hair to prep for damage-free workable styling, or on dry hair for added protection and hold.
  • Texture Spray: Mist this salt spray liberally for effortless matte texture and perfect bed-head fullness. Use on damp hair and diffuse or air-dry for waves and body, or on dry hair to mattify and create volume without stickiness.
  • Shine Spray: Add polish and smooth out flyaways with this weightless spray. The aerosol-free formula not only adds a glossy finish, but also hydrates and protects against heat damage – all without weighing down the hair.
  • Finishing Cream: Give styles the perfect finishing touch with this lightweight multi-purpose cream, which adds moisture, control and shine. Apply to damp or dry hair to create effortless natural texture with hold, or to tame frizz and add polish.
  • Cream Paste: Perfect on short to medium styles, this versatile moulding paste adds moisture, control and shine. Applied to damp or dry hair, it leaves hair moisturised and with lasting hold.
  • Everything Cream: This must-have multi-tasker does it all: hydrates, conditions and improves manageability, all while reducing frizz and boosting shine. Use it when styling for thermal protection, reduced breakage and a strong, supple finish.
  • Cream Clay: Add malleable texture and matte hold with this concentrated styling clay – a favourite for adding definition and movement on short hair.


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