Too Busy To Exercise?

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Creative director and co-founder of Calmia, Lucy Wakefield says,

We have all been in the position where we feel like our busy lifestyles are getting in the way of our healthy intentions and we find ourselves making excuses as to why we should skip our planned exercise sessions. By no means do I claim to have discovered the secret to the perfect work-life balance, but I've put together the following tips and Calmia products to help you fit healthy habits and exercise into your daily routine that have worked for me.

Be SUPER organised

Think about the week ahead and the activities you might be doing, and then make sure you have the right kit washed ready to go and all the right equipment in the right place so you have no excuses or wasted time when your motivation is at a low point.

Invest in the right accessories

Don't have your mat with you? No problem ... With our Eternal Lotus Yoga Socks and Gloves (£12.50 & £9.95, you can practice wherever you are with confidence and stability. With their non-slip, lotus dots, they are perfect for travelling, especially when worn with Calmia Super Grip Yoga Gloves for times when you are inspired to practice but you don't have your mat. You can also use them with a yoga mat, if you find your feet get very slippery and sweaty during class. Plus they're perfect for barre and Pilates classes.

Travel mats are also key! This lightweight and easy to roll or fold, Eco-Friendly Double Sided Travel Mat (£39, is perfect for stashing underneath your desk, in your weekend bag or suitcase so you can practice yoga on a sunny evening after work in the park or when you are away from home. Unroll your travel mat and enjoy a good stretch counterbalancing the negative effects of sitting at your desk for hours or after travelling. The top all over lotus surface is made from eco-friendly micro-fibre with bamboo while the reverse is made of PER (polymer environmental resin), which has an orange peel textured surface to stop the mat moving around on the floor. Alternatively, you can turn the mat over and put the textured surface on top for better grip during a more dynamic practice.

Grab unusual opportunities to exercise

One of the most common reasons to miss a workout goes something like this: "I just have too much on at work today; I can't make my class." Or "I'm so exhausted by everything I have to do - I can't even think about exercising". Well, instead of looking for extra time to exercise look at your diary and find time when you would otherwise just be sat on a bus or watching TV to get moving. Walk or cycle to work now the days are getting longer and lighter, practice your yoga stretches in your living room.

Schedule exercise in your diary and stick to it

If you want a good work/life balance, you need to take both sides of the equation seriously. You wouldn't delete an entry for an office meeting so you shouldn't allow events to get in the way of your exercise plans. Make a schedule, stick to it and keep reminding yourself and everyone else that working out is a necessity not a luxury.

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