Toxic fashion Continues to Trailblaze!

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Anne Veck’s phenomenal and intensely challenging photographic shoot that provocatively captures the harm that the fashion industry causes to the earth, seas, skies, and humanity continues to gain acclaim and presence.

The latest success is securing a finalist place in the Visual Art Open photography/digital art competition. This award is additional to the honour of being shortlisted for the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition; the Oxford Art Week online exhibition and won an Excellence Award at the 2020 Videographer Awards.

When we shot this, it was just a passion project, something that really meant a lot to me which is why I put my feelings into my art. I had no idea, or even hope, that it would strike such a cord nationally and internationally and would cross into the arts in this way. It is thrilling that a political message can resonate so strongly just from a salon owner in Oxford!  It shows what we can do collectively if we use our creative voices for change. - Anne Veck, co-owner Anne Veck Salons, Oxford

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