Troubleshooter Neck, Jaw and Chest Cream

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A skincare regime should not stop at the face. Smart women will ensure they are looking after their neck and décolleté too, by using proven, multi-tasking, problem solving Troubleshooter Neck, Jaw and Chest Cream (£36, 45ml) - three times winner of the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible  'Best Neck and Chest Cream', tested by real women.

Time Bomb Brand Ambassador and skincare expert, Michaella Bolder says,

The skin on our neck can be very different from the skin on our face... and it shows signs of ageing much earlier and more dramatically, as it tends to be drier and loose elasticity sooner. Plus, we tend to pay attention to and take care of our faces, but often overlook our necks. Therefore, it is really important to specifically target this area to prevent problems such as jowls, turkey neck and slack, crepe-y skin. Thankfully Time Bomb has created a targeted solution that will leave you with a hydrated, more lifted looking neck and jaw and an even-toned, wrinkle resistant décolleté.

This three times winner contains the powerhouse ingredient, Lanachrys© - usually found in cellulite treatments - which breaks down excess fatty deposits and tones the skin, crucial to improving the appearance of jowls and turkey neck.

The deeply moisturising formula also contains skin protecting pea extract to prevent crepe-y skin and preserve and aid the production of collagen and elastin, maintaining skin's firmness and elasticity and delivering an instant uplifting boost.

Chrysanthellum and white truffle extract further firm and smooth the skin to combat troublesome sagging and wrinkles whilst a special nine-amino based peptide, rumex occidentalis extract and vitamin c help inhibit pigmentation, diminish the appearance of age spots and make the complexion look more even.

Troubleshooter - add it to your arsenal now!

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