Undone Is In The Air

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Undone glamour meets air-dry for a cool, effortless look. The feather-light formulas of OSiS+ Soft Glam from Schwarzkopf Professional feature liquid minerals to give the hair a delicate shine, while providing grip and a flexible hold – all with a soft touch feel and without the use of heated tools!

Laid-back beach waves and glamorous, natural looking curls are a dream for many women – but the results often look dry, dull and unnatural due to heavy styling products and the use of heat. Thanks to the new Heatless Wave Gelee from OSiS+ Soft Glam, this is now a thing of the past! The ultra-light styling product creates beautiful shine thanks to the formula with liquid minerals and shimmer particles, creating defined waves and curls.

The new Air-Dry Salt Mist from OSiS+ Soft Glam offers natural, tousled texture. The new beauty hero creates undone styles without weighing the hair down. Unlike other salt spray products, the formula contains coconut oil to give a soft touch to the hair with sea salt for light grip.

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Alongside the two new products in the OSiS+ Soft Glam range, Schwarzkopf Professional has also introduced eight on trend Soft Glam looks including ‘spontaneously braided’, ‘wavy long bob’, ‘braided topknot’ and ‘flower fringe band’.

The OSiS+ Soft Glam range by Schwarzkopf Professional
  • OSiS+ Soft Glam Heatless Wave Gelee / 150 ml, £14.60, €16.10
  • OSiS+ Soft Glam Air-Dry Salt Mist / 200 ml, £14.60, €16.10
  • OSiS+ Soft Glam Prime Prep Spray / 200 ml, £10.75, €11.50
  • OSiS+ Soft Glam Plumping Shine Mousse / 200 ml, £10.75, €11.50
  • OSiS+ Soft Glam Strong Glossy Holdspray / 200 ml, £10.25, €11.00
  • OSiS+ Soft Glam Smooth Polish Elixir / 75 ml, £12.85, €14.50

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