Vanessa Tucker Joins HAIRDOTCOM and Gives Her Top Lockdown Tips

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HAIRDOTCOM is delighted to announce that wellness expert, Vanessa Tucker, is joining their education team.

A former hairdresser herself, Vanessa is now a teacher, healer, artist, and author, with a wealth of experience across the board in the wellness sector.

She is the author of The Art of You and Auras: Awakening Awareness, creator of Happy Cards, founder of Walk Your Talk Retreats, and co-founder of Women Weaving Change - a training school for modern medicine women. Her healing and therapy practice, training courses, retreats and books offer a variety of ways to access healing, personal growth, and spiritual evolution.

Vanessa has worked with the HAIRDOTCOM team to create their first wellness course, The Success Reset. Hosted on Zoom, this specialist session for hairdressers is designed to help creative minds reset, take stock, and embrace their careers with a refreshed energy - essential for heading back to the salon post-lockdown.

I was a hairdresser for ten years before I moved into healing, so I know the salon environment and am aware of how things can be done differently.

It is important to bring wellbeing into hair as it is such a unique role. Hairdressers get to touch people, make them feel relaxed, listen to them for hours and make them feel better about themselves – it is very similar to being a therapist in a way. – Vanessa Tucker

The Success Reset – Monday 15th February at 10am

On The Success Reset, Vanessa will help hairdressers and salon owners understand how they can support themselves, their staff, their clients and the wider world. COVID-19 has provided the hair and beauty industry with extreme challenges – but also the opportunity to reshape who we want to be and how we want to work.

The face of salons is changing. The pandemic has changed the industry forever and salons are increasingly going to become places of connection and a haven. - Vanessa

In the course, Vanessa will teach techniques for connection, relaxation and helping to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. The techniques she teaches will not only help hairdressers but will allow them to go on and support their clients with the same ideas. Areas that will be covered include environment, breathing techniques, colour therapies, movement, and meditation, as well as the power of touch.

People have been in lockdown for almost a year, and many of them will have been alone all that time and not touched by anyone. The way that hairdressers work is quite special as you do get to touch people – not many people get to do that, even doctors. In my industry there is a lot of focus on the vagus nerve; it is the wonder nerve that makes us feel relaxed and puts us in the same sort of space as meditation. I will be teaching hairdressers how to activate and work with it to calm the nervous system both for themselves and for clients. The vagus nerve is also the social nerve which enables and encourages empathy and connection with others, so it is very important for hairdressers. - Vanessa

The Success Reset is the essential wellness course for hairdressers to influence and shape the salon environment, and to make it a valued place of connection for themselves, their team, and their clients.

To book your place on The Success Reset or to find out more about HAIRDOTCOM, please visit @hairdotcomartteam on Instagram.

Vanessa Tucker’s Lockdown Tips
1. Routine is vital in lockdown

If you still have not found a routine, now is the time to put one into practice. It gives you a sense of purpose each day, which is something you can use after lockdown, too. Meditation is a brilliant habit to start each day. It does not have to be sitting still with your eyes closed either. You could put on some meditative music as you wake up and spend some time coming into contact with your breath, doing some slow movements and soft swaying. Try to follow what the body wants to do, rather than doing what you ‘think’ you should be doing. Just ten minutes a day will make a really big difference and if you can get into the garden to do it when the weather is warmer, even better.

2. Connect with your breath

Coming back to your breath and being aware of it is helpful. It might sound silly but remembering to breathe consciously throughout the day is extremely beneficial to your stress levels. For example, if you are talking a lot and quite quickly, take a moment to stop and breathe; you will notice the difference it makes to just stop, be aware and breathe.

3. Move

Movement is important. It does not have to be going for a run, although that can be very helpful for some people. It could be something very gentle – and it is important to be gentle with yourself, so the body feels safe, especially if you are anxious or stressed. Yoga is great for anxious minds or try other gentle movements like dancing to music you love.

4. Get creative

If you do not like meditation, something different to try could be art. Get a piece of paper and some colouring pencils and just go into yourself. Connect with your breath, sink into the body, and just allow colours and shapes to emerge. Some people connect much better this way than with meditation, so give it a try.

5. Pick a card

If you have any divination cards, take a second whenever you are feeling all over the place to stop and pick a card to focus you. I make Happy Cards, but any kind divination card will have a supportive message that will bring you back to focus. They can really help stop the mind from overthinking and running away with worries and anxiety.

6. Feel it, and move through it

It is okay to feel sad or down. Think of your feelings as energy: sit with it, feel it, cry if you need to – but know this is not forever. See the feeling as energy that needs to pass through - remember, emotion is Energy in Motion. Allow it to pass through you but acknowledge it and do not suppress it.                            

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