Wigz on Wheelz Launches ‘Coffee with WOW’

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Wigz on Wheelz (WOW) is the UK’s first and only mobile personal hair and wig service. They cater for clients suffering hair loss due to cancer treatment, alopecia, trichotillomania, gender reassignment and hair thinning. Their services are all done with discretion, dignity and in complete confidence.

Wigz on Wheelz has launched ‘Coffee with WOW’, where the idea is to have a group of individuals undergoing medical treatment that causes hair loss who can come and have a chat and a coffee. Topics that will be covered include what products to be using, what not to be using, what different types of wigs are available, what aftercare to use, how to maintain wigs, what to look for when online wig buying, and participants can ask WOW specialists to answer questions they may have as to hair loss.

This will be a free service offered to hospitals and surgeries where their patients and referrals can, with no obligation to buy, come and get information from experts as to hair loss and the processes following cancer treatment for looking after ones hair and scalp.

Demitri Jones, cofounder of WOW, said,

The reason for the WOW coffee morning is that in my years of being a hairdresser and wig specialist, I have heard so many myths and stories of people being taken advantage of at a very vulnerable time in their life. So the aim of WOW as a company and ‘Coffee with WOW’ is to inform and provide people with the ability to make educated and informal decisions about purchasing a wig and what aftercare they will need.

Coffee with WOW will benefit hospitals in offering a free service to its patients. It will show their support in wanting to help inform their patients and not leave them open to being taken advantage of by misleading glossy websites with no passion for caring about the consumer. It also gives patients the opportunity to ask questions as a collective and free up nursing time to deal with other areas. This is almost a support group where a collective of people can be in the same room, share experiences and questions, and not be afraid to be embarrassed about hair loss. We pride ourselves on being upfront, honest and reliable, so the Coffee with WOW is not about generating sales, it’s about educating and supporting people at the time they need us.

Wigz on Wheelz is thrilled to bring their new service to clients and care providers. Bringing the salon experience to you, WOW stocks a full selection of human and synthetic wigs to choose from and have fitted, plus they offer styling maintenance, hair shaving and any other needs you may have all done in the comfort of your own home.

Now offering insight and knowledge to clients and beyond, WOW continues to provide an amazing and unique service.

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