Would You Recommend a Career in Hairdressing?

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The UK hairdressing industry is being asked to pull together to find out why they believe it is so difficult to attract young people into a career in hairdressing, as Indola and #ChooseHair launch an industry-wide survey.

The survey, which is being spearheaded by exclusively professional haircare brand, Indola, in support of the #ChooseHair campaign, follows their latest research which found that only 22% of UK women would suggest a career in hairdressing to a family member or friend - with the majority believing hairdressing offered poor pay, hard work and long hours and so shouldn’t be recommended. *

Commenting on the survey, Emma Bavin of #ChooseHair said,

We launched the #ChooseHair campaign earlier this year as a way of highlighting what we believe to be a skills shortage within the hair industry. Despite being worth an estimated £7 billion to the UK economy, the hairdressing sector is struggling to attract young people to it, and it is baffling. There are so many good opportunities and such a variety of roles within hairdressing, that it goes way beyond a short, back and sides!

By conducting this survey, we hope to understand what the industry itself believes are the barriers to attracting young people to it and whether the recent changes to the apprenticeship programme by the UK government have had a detrimental effect.

To support this initiative by completing the online #ChooseHair survey, please click here

Nick Biggane, UK Marketing Manager for Indola said,

At Indola we are all about creating street styles and nurturing raw talent, as there is so much of it in the UK. But there are warning signs that the number of young people choosing to enter hairdressing is dwindling. A recent Indola survey of UK women aged 18-65 found that only 22% would recommend hairdressing as a career choice to friends or family. With this in mind we’re supporting #ChooseHair, as it’s time to change peoples’ opinions of hairdressing and present it as a viable career choice.

For further information on #ChooseHair please visit www.choosehair.co.uk and for further details on Indola please visit www.indola.co.uk

*Indola’s Hair Survey was conducted by independent market research company OnePoll. It surveyed 1,000 UK women aged 18-65.

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