Z.One Concept Holds Annual Conference in Alicante

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z.one concept, Italian parent company of milk_shake, No Inhibition and Simply Zen brands, hosted their annual conference where 300 salon professionals from the UK and Ireland joined top stylists from Spain, Portugal and Italy at a luxury five star resort in Alicante, Spain.

The two-day event saw guests relax by the luxury pool sides, attend an educational Look & Learn event and catwalk stage show all in between sumptuous breakfasts, lunches and dinner parties. The main event was the impressive stage show where z.one concept launched their latest collection of model imagery ‘The Allure Collection’, showcasing milk_shake colour and No Inhibition styling products. The Collection was inspired by seduction, elegance and attraction and represents three moods, Nude, Black & White and Safari. The UK team interpreted Safari; which was edgy, intense and attractive. The Italian team interpreted Nude; minimal, clean and seductive, and the Spanish team interpreted Black & White; contrasting, geometry and elegance.

Taking to the stage from the UK Artistic Team were Dave Baker from The Vault, Shelley Pengilly from Shelley’s Salon and Becky Wardrop, education manager for milk_shake UK. Shelley said her hair-up was inspired from the natural world.

When we think of allure, we think of a seduction or magnetism that draws you in. The sleek and structured looks I created embody traditional ideas of glamour and seduction.

Shelley pushed the boundaries to what can be achieved in hair-up. The look was a real challenge in terms of balance, structure and symmetry. Shelley explained,

I created the illusion of the impossible with a horizontal structure, inspired by the long and beautiful tails of the birds of paradise, went bold with colour, and added a wealth of brightly coloured hairpieces to add depth and featherlike texture.

The main three products used were No Inhibition Volumizing Powder to create texture and milk_shake Lifestyling hairspray for hold.

The Allure Collection

The Allure woman has a refined elegance and a sophisticated tone that perfectly describes her style; seduction, elegance and attraction.

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