How I Turned Knock Backs into Come Backs

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How I Turned Knock Backs into Come Backs

Back at the beginning of the year we received a message from Good Salon Guide member Darrel Starkey-Gettings of Taylor’s Hair Studio in Skegness, saying how frustrated he had become with his failure to make his hair dreams a reality.

Not only were we able to offer Darrel much needed support, but other GSG members came forward to offer advice and help. Thanks to this and Darrel’s honesty across his social media channels, things started to look up and 2019 took an upward turn. We asked Darrel to share his inspiring story in a very personal and honest blog.

How I Turned Knock Backs Into Come Backs

At the start of 2019 I found out I was in the finals for The Affinage Colour Rebels 2019-2020 team. I had worked really hard over two years to prepare for this opportunity by developing my colour education, building my personal brand and creating my hairdressing family.

During this time I also applied for The Kerastraight Collective and entered the competition to represent Good Salon Guide at Colour World 2019.

The Affinage finals arrived in February and I was, and still am, proud of the work I produced. But I didn’t showcase myself, my passion or my talent and instead presented something I thought the judges wanted to see.

When I was told that I hadn’t made the team, my heart sank, and I asked myself, “Was I not good enough?” and, “Have I chosen the wrong career?”

I took a month to try and pick myself up and before I knew it April had arrived. The Colour World team for Good Salon Guide was announced and, once again, I didn't make the team. My confidence sank again under the force of another crushing blow.

May followed and I heard the news from The Kerastraight Collective - unfortunately you haven't been successful they said in a message.

BANG, WHACK, BOOM! There was the third blow.

I then sent a message to a few people including Kelly Shone-Adams of Technocracy Hair and Good Salon Guide saying I was taking a step away from social media as I needed to address my mental health and the pressures I had placed on myself. The support I got from everyone was incredible, especially the public message from Good Salon Guide and the constant emotional support from Kelly.

I took a few weeks out, enjoyed a holiday and found myself again. How is anyone going to want you as part of a team when you don't want to be who you are?

Luckily for me my social media presence had got me noticed by My Keratin Revolution, who arranged a meeting with me after which I became a Brand Ambassador for the company.

I then decided to look at all the feedback from every set back and create an action plan. I booked ten courses in one day, as I knew I was ready to make a comeback!

Colour courses, cutting courses, hair-up courses and networking events all have made me find my feet again. I spotted an advert to assist at Not Another Salon, so I messaged the salon and spent a day assisting Yan, learning that everyone takes a step back in order to move forward.

I joined the Fellowship and have attended a few events where I have been able to both network and learn new things. I messaged Daniel Granger about assisting him. We quickly got chatting and found an instant connection. He has offered me so much advice for my life personally and my career. I was also honoured to spend the day working with him 1-1 at his salon Daniel Granger Hairdressing.

Social media has helped me find support from areas where I never even thought to look. It has helped me to make connections with people and companies who have become so important to me and helped me further my career.

I am currently in the process of entering:

  • NHF Business Awards
  • NHF Photography Awards
  • Denman Stage Star
  • GSG Nation’s Favourite Hairdresser
  • Skegness Business Awards
  • The Fellowship Project X Team in November

And if I don't make it into any of the finals or any of the teams,


Be proud of who you are, because no matter who stands by your side, it will never matter unless you’re standing next to them with your head held high.