Which is the best foundation for my skin type?

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Hello there,

Could you give me some make-up advice? My skin is very pale and my hair is very dark brown. I sometimes feel I look quite ill and so would like to add some colour to my skin without looking orange or fake!

What is the best way for me to go about this?

Just in case you need it, my eye colour is green.

Thank you,

Nikki, Londonderry

Hi Nikki,

I would always try to use foundation that matches your skin colour and tone. Test this on the jaw line area to get a true colour match. You can then add life to the skin with a blusher and bronzer.

Blusher on the 'apples' of the cheeks, i.e. the round area that is prominent when you smile, and then a light dusting of bronzer over the cheek bones, forehead and down the bridge of your nose - these are all areas that the sun naturally bounces off!


Jeanette Kidd (ITEC, IAL, CIEL, CIDESCO, MGPBT) of Jeanette Kidd Beauty and Day Spa, Lisburn