How can I achieve Beyonce chic?

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Hi Hair Doctors,

My hair is long and quite fine, well not really fine, but it’s not thick – am I making sense? Anyway, if I leave it to dry naturally it has a slight kink to it, which I hate, as it’s not a nice kink! I would love to have the type of curls that Beyonce has in the Coldplay video – I have attached a picture.

My question is how I would achieve this style and this type of curl? They’re very relaxed and beach-like, which I love.

Thanks for your time,

Caroline, Somerset

Hi Caroline,

Well you’re in luck; your light kink can indeed be transformed to Beyonce level chic.

My advice would be to use a strong, gritty holding product. The best I have found is Windle and Moodie’s ‘Texture Cream’.  

The way to achieve this look would be to apply the product through the mid-lengths and then randomly twist the hair to add some definition. Personally I think the best way to dry this is with a diffuser to keep the hair from frizzing. Let the hair dry by gently pushing it into the prongs of the diffuser, failing that keep your drier on low and dry down the twists whilst cupped in your hand to maximise your natural movement. Once this is dry gently break up the twists to create a more undone look.

I hope this helps.

Trae Corbett
Head Stylist of browns, Dumfries

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