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I am keen on the idea of a fringe, but which style will suit me?

Simon Webster Hair

Hello Hair Doctors,

I have very long hair with a few layers around the front, starting at about my chin. Because it is very long it can tend to look a bit lifeless and flat, and this, coupled with my very large forehead, has been making me wonder about the possibility of some sort of fringe to give my hair a bit more style.

However, I have a very round face, and previous attempts at fringes in the past have just made my face look rounder and fatter. I also have a cow's lick, which makes a 'normal' fringe quite problematic.

Are there any types of fringe that suit round-faced people like me and that can work even with a cow's lick?

Thank you for your help,

Jane, UK

Hi Jane,

There are plenty of options to help put an end to your fringe frustrations! First of all though, stay away from anything too straight across that frames your face, because this will make your face appear more rounded. Instead, a soft side fringe would be ideal.

Add some shape by asking your stylist to give you long layers, creating more style and movement. Your fringe may require some styling yourself each morning - remembering to style your hair outwards away from your face to open it up using a round brush and hairdryer. The cow's lick might take some training to sit properly, but it should be okay after a while.

Sophie White, SWH Team Junior, Simon Webster Hair, Brighton