2014 Celebrity Bridal Hair Trends

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Celebrity nuptials have been particularly busy in the last 12 months, providing some great hair inspiration for bridal looks, including ideas for different types of weddings too. From low key/high style urban affairs, to hidden beach bridal parties, Anna Baker at Errol Douglas Salon selects her highlights so far, predictions for pending celebrities tying the knot and how to get the looks.

We’re seeing more inspiration from celebrities when it comes to bridal hair than the traditional heavily styled shapes synonymous with wedding looks. Brides love the red carpet elements that celebrities take and incorporate into their big day, it ups the glamour ante.
Anna Baker 

City Brides

Christina Ricci, New York: The Classic Chignon 

A truly elegant and polished feel was preferred at Christina's wedding late last year. This style makes the most of her beautiful features and large eyes with timeless elegance. 

Suits: Oval and heart shaped faces are perfect for this pulled back style. Brides with difficult hair can select this hairstyle with a smoothed out, fuss-free up-do, giving a classic and secure day to night polish.

The Dress: Halter neck and high neck gowns compliment this style as it does not interfere with the silhouette.


How To:

  • Prep hair with a heat styling cream and blow-dry with the Errol Douglas Infrared PRO Hairdryer, which has an expert nozzle for great directional drying, and most importantly dries from the inside out speedily to lock in moisture and shine.
  • Gently tease the roots so the shape is not too flat and brush the shape back into a sleek ponytail, securing at mid-level just under the crown.
  • Thread the ponytail through a sponge donut and pin into place at the base of the ponytail.
  • Split the lengths into two and smooth over each side to conceal the donut completely and create an elegant overlap in the shape.

Top Tip: Christina's Cathedral Veil marries perfectly with this chignon. By placing it into the hair above the bun, the up-do supports the weight of the veil to prevent it slipping down.

Poppy Delevigne, London: Veronica Lake Waves

Perfect for brides who adore a vintage glamour feel to their hair with endless shine. The simple curves from this waved look show off the hair's colour beautifully too. 

Suits: Square or round face shapes are softened with this sculpted yet soft look. Fine or curly hair holds this shape well, and gowns with embellished detail, high necks or strapless are complemented with the understated polish this look creates.

How To:

  • Give hair a robust foundation by applying a strong hold mousse and blow-dry in using a round brush to give volume and movement.
  • Part your hair to your preferred side, and then use a medium curling iron to tong inch width sections of your hair, winding in the same direction all the way round.
  • Once the curls have cooled begin brushing through the hair to form full uniform waves throughout, and relax the tightness of the curls as you do so.
  • Spray all over the shape to hold into place.

Fearne Cotton, London: Textured Waves

Fearne Cotton was the epitome of the effortless, cool modern bride wearing her signature mid-length style with feminine textured waves finished with just enough edge to be wedding appropriate. Gowns with retro element or higher necklines flatter this look and won't date. 

Suits: Heart shaped faces are balanced beautifully with this style as the fullness balances a delicate jaw line and draws the attention up to the eyes. Fine hair with a slight kink works best with this, as it holds just enough of the curl without looking too set. Hair accessories that are petite suit this and the hair’s texture updates more traditional headband tiaras too.

How To:

  • Prep freshly washed hair with a heat styling balm and layer on a strong hold mousse on top and throughout the hair.
  • Using a large barrel brush blow-dry the hair lifting up and out to maximise the volume for an essential foundation for tonging.
  • Wind two inch sections around a curling wand, keeping the iron an inch from the roots so as not to deflate the body you’ve created with the brush.
  • Repeat this all the way round then tip your head upside down and rake your fingers through to break up the curls and open the volume.
  • Flip your head back and shake lightly with fingertips to dress the shape visually.
  • Spray up and into the hair (NOT onto the surface) to prevent the soft waves from collapsing, and add your hair accessory to finish the look.

Beach Brides

Jennifer Anniston (rumoured outdoor wedding, Cabo, Mexico): The Romantic Ponytail

Given Jen's trademark look is polished and loose, I predict she may chose a simple ponytail with a soft, romantic texture to flatter her effortless style, and is light and comfortable for a warm beach wedding venue. This look also offers a fresh difference from her previous loose hair from her wedding to Brad Pitt. 

Suits: Long haired brides who prefer chic hair, simplicity and the dress to take centre stage. Strapless or v-neck lines are perfect shapes with this look, showing off a beautiful décolletage and shoulders.

How To:

  • Prep hair with serum and a light setting spray, and then set hair in medium Velcro rollers for volume and soft curled texture.
  • Remove the rollers and section off the top section from the corners of the hairline back to the crown.
  • Brush back the underneath section to form a ponytail at the crown and secure with a band. Backcomb the top section for fullness and allow any shorter tendrils to fall around the face to frame the eyes and cheekbones.
  • Brush back to the base on the ponytail and wrap around to conceal the band and pin securely.

Top Tip: Take a clean big bronzer brush and gently dust over the surface of the hair shape to loosen out soft strands for a modern, romantic, undone effect to this style.

Angelina Jolie, Prediction: The Mussed Up Half Up

Red Carpet queen Angelina Jolie has worn many up-dos with an expensive classic Hollywood feel. However, given her luscious brunette locks I predict Angelina will choose a sexy half up style with tousled, mussed up texture; that smoldering Jolie look we know and adore. 

Suits: Coarse or curly textures suit this best and brides who prefer the comfort of hair around their shoulders for the big day. All face shapes suit this universally flattering shape and it works with most gown silhouettes.

How To:

  • Prep hair with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner as this style demands heat styling from your dryer and heated rollers.
  • Once dry, hairspray small sections before winding them carefully around heated rollers and grip at the base of the roots, allow to cool completely to set the shape. Remove all rollers to begin with a curled, full foundation.
  • Using your fingers section the top away from temples to crown first. Next rake through the underneath lengths to open out the curls and give a tousled texture.
  • Take the remaining section and use a wide toothed comb to shape the hair back to the crown.

Top Tip: A rake comb will direct the hair back where you need it but maintain the wavy surface texture needed, as opposed to using a brush which will smooth out the hair too much. Once you have gathered this section at the crown, twist vertically to create a slight pleated shape and pin securely into place. Veils placed underneath this pinned section are then secured with pins and lightly draped over the cascading waves. Spray up and in

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