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2022 Hair Trends by Teresa Weller HairArt

Teresa Weller HairArt

Is 2022 making you feel like you need a hair reset after the difficult years of 2020 and 2021?

Certainly, for me as a salon owner, I have witnessed a difference due to the closure of salons and so many changes within the hair industry – mostly all for the positive!

During those locked down months people have spent more time online than ever before. TikTok has opened our eyes to the world of hair and makeup, and now people are getting their inspiration directly from the creators giving rise to new popular hairstyles, cuts, and colours seen in quick 30 second fixes. This in turn gives speed and power to trends like we’ve never seen before. And 2022 is going to be like no other, as the quick home fix leaves our bathrooms hopefully for good!

These new global trends are very much influenced by our behaviours in the last few years and I’m loving creating these looks. So, for colour I predict there is a newfound love for embracing your natural tones whatever they may be, as our clients have got used to longer waits between visits to the salon, and in turn having better condition hair as a direct result of putting more focus on professional haircare.

The root shadow and root drag, and of course the balayage and foilage, are here to stay and a winner in my personal experience. I also check out the Pantone Colour of the Year for inspiration, and for 2022 it’s ‘very peri’, which I cannot wait to create a formula for using my Revlon colour palette.

Styling is going to be massive in 2022 thanks to our time practicing at home without having a cut for months, and there is a new focus on intricate braids and bubble plaits, which are totally back.

This naturally is making way for the hair accessory which will be everything in 2022. The hit series Bridgeton has got a lot to answer for this, which I personally love, so think regency inspired combs, grips, fabric bows, scarves, and headbands not to mention the odd antique style tiara, which of course is also spilling out on to the new bridal trends this year! It’s boho chic versus old Hollywood glamour. We want to dress up, we want to style ourselves and our hair. We’ve practiced enough, that’s the vibe I’m getting.

For cuts there’s a huge focus on texture, again influenced by lockdowns. Everyone ditched the straightener and embraced their natural texture, and maybe had a little hack themselves that brought back the 80’s and 90’s styles including the shag, the modern mullet (which is unisex), the octopus cut (a much longer modern mullet), and the mixie (a combined pixie and sorter version of the mullet). And of course, all these cuts look stunning accessorised to the max.

So, whether it’s a platinum blonde mixie with a very peri root shadow or a glorious bubble pony infused with grey, sun kissed tones sporting a silk scarf, one thing is for sure, the reset button has been pressed!