A Colourful Christmas

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These days, colour doesn’t have to be about making a big change - with temporary shades and toners, you can create a brand-new look very quickly that requires minimal commitment.

What’s more, at this time of year these kind of colour changes can provide a great party look and are a much more modern way to make a statement than simply opting for a hair-up or predictable waves and curls.

On the Autumn/Winter 2018 catwalks, we saw all sorts of colourful shades trending for the festive season, as well as the new year. We saw aqua blue at Moschino, inky midnight tones at Marc Jacobs and bright pinks at Nicopanda, to name just a few.

Sharon Peake and the team at Ethos Hairdressing, Manchester, recommend Matrix SOCOLOR Cult colour which allows you to have a seasonal flirt with colour in the form of a little accent in a semi-permanent finish. These colours also come in demi and a permanent format. The semi is perfect for those colour chameleons that like to switch up their shades, providing a super-vibrant finish.

Within the range, there are colours for every client, from pastels like Sweet Mint and Lavender Macaroon, to bold tones like the neons and Flamenco Fuschia. Personally, the Disco Silver and Dusty Teal are favourites.

You can be as bold or subtle as you like with those shades, whether it’s a peekaboo panel of colour or a full wash, it’s a great way to create a colourful update for Christmas.

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