Achieve a Great Looking Natural Hair Blow Out

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ghd has launched a new Professional Comb Nozzle for its ghd helios hairdryer – and it has the seal of approval from legendary hairstylist and the UK’s leading authority in Afro and textured hair, Charlotte Mensah.

The ghd helios Professional Comb Nozzle attachment will gently help lift, shape, and blow out naturally textured, curly or coily hair. Its double-row of strengthened teeth are tapered to help comb through afro hair easily to create a natural blown-out style.

Natural Hair Blow Out with Charlotte Mensah
  1. On damp hair, evenly apply ghd straight & smooth spray
  2. Detangle the hair using a detangle comb
  3. Divide the hair into 4 quadrants and braid out of the way
  4. Starting at the nape, gently comb through the hair using the ghd helios & comb nozzle. Tip: start at the ends and work towards the root!
  5. Continue working through all the hair until it is blown out
  6. Finish by misting the hair with ghd final shine spray

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