Aidan Fitzgerald predicts trends for 2011

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High-profile, Irish hairdresser Aidan Fitzgerald has been selected by industry leaders as someone who has made a contribution to the shape of the industry today. He’s also been chosen by the Irish Hairdressers Federation to be one of the industry’s icons and entered into the IHF Hairdressing Hall of Leaders. Aidan remains at the forefront of the industry and in 2010, Aidan and his team corroborated with the hottest, new designer in London, David Koma, for the L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy Eliminator Final in UCD.

We asked Aidan for his ideas on what’s going to be happening in 2011...


Photography: Dave Cullen

The big emphasis will be on healthier-looking hair with colour predictions showing a trend towards panels of honey, chestnut and reds with many varied shades giving lots of scope for the individual client.

Giving the client value for money rather than discounting your services is a better option, so quicker techniques are required, i.e. hidden panels and richer global colours with low maintenance a priority.

Maintaining healthy, shiny hair can be easily achieved with the support of your hairdresser. One of the biggest problems clients face is their colour fade. This can be due in part to excess shampooing, poor quality of shampoos and the constant drying of the hair with heated appliances. A recommended home care prescription to maintain your hair when away from the salon is essential.


Hair: Aidan Fitzgerald, Karen Whelan
and Sharon Cahill for L’Oréal
Make-up: Yuko Fredriksson
Styling: Jo Galaris
Photography: Camille Sanson

This coming season hairstyles will be more structured with stronger outlines and bold fringes. Hair will be more versatile with sleeker looks during the day and bigger hair for evening and party wear, with lots of volume achieved with the use of hair accessories, hair buns, doughnuts, etc. Crimping irons and the wand will be very popular, allowing the individual to create many different looks from the 40s, 60s, 80s and 2010. Glamour and the dressing of hair are hugely in demand and it is essential to have a skilled team in your salon that can deliver this service.

Fashion reflects hairstyles and the demand from clients for upstyles and the dressing of hair has never been as popular. Patrick Cameron and Guy Kremer have been a great inspiration to our staff throughout their training.

People that influence fashion trends and what we do are Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Cole, Rihanna, Louis Walsh with his new hair colour and Katy Perry.

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