Alexander Wang Minimalist Waves

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Achieve those gorgeous minimalist waves as seen at Alexander Wang SS18 with a little help from Lee Stafford.

Award-winning hairdresser Lee Stafford says,

Kaia Gerber's style at Alexander Wang epitomises undone glamour and is THE cool girl style of the moment. The best way to recreate these minimalist waves is by working with your natural hair texture and allowing it to air dry.

According to Lee Stafford, air drying your hair no longer means you have to put up with frizz, fludd or flyaways, especially with the use of his new Air Dry collection.

If you have normal/fine hair, use my Air Dry Foam (£7.99, Boots) this lightweight, non crispy foam adds volume, reduces frizz and enhances natural texture. For those of you with thicker/coarser hair opt for my Air Dry Cream Lite (£7.99, Boots) to hydrate, soften and add a light hold to enhance your natural texture.

The secret is to mould and shape your hair when it's damp, because the greater your hair shape when it's still wet, the better the finished look you get! It's important to not touch your hair whilst it's drying, this will cause the hair to lose its shape and create unnecessary frizz.

Once the hair is dry apply a couple of pumps of my Coco Loco Hair Oil (£7.99, Boots) in the palms of your hands and use your fingers to separate the hair.  You'll be left with glossy minimalist waves good enough to join the #WangSquad.

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