'Amped-up' Glam

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Inspired by the ‘Dundas girl’ herself - Dundas’ collection is 'day meets night', couture from the street, reminiscent of a look that is both aspirational and accessible in a way that only Dundas can.

Though his muses come from two fashion icons of the past (the juxtaposed Jerry Hall at Le Sept and Debbie Harry at CBGBs), the collection is very much the 'look of today' with hair created by ghd fashion week ambassador, Eugene Souleiman.

Eugene set about finding a spirit that centred on the models - finding their inner individuality, celebrating their diversity and accentuating the hair they already have. In the same way that Dundas designs, complimenting the female form, so Souleiman styles, celebrating the hair that already is.

On his inspiration, Eugene says:

My inspiration for this look has come from early 90's pictures, shot by the now departed Herb Ritts and one of his muses, Cyndi Crawford, who for me, is an iconic beauty. The hair looks are about diversifying and not being afraid of diversity, not trying to fight what you have. I think it’s really about looking at hair in more of an organic way, less mechanical. It’s hair that’s enjoyable to do because you can run your hands through it, move it, just play with it and enjoy it as a fabric. This is hair. It’s not precious, making Peter’s collection the centrepiece, as that is very precious.

The Technique

Every girl’s look is different, but there are some similarities in technique. EIMI Sugar Lift was applied at the roots and then blow-dried with the ghd Air hairdryer (£99), to create volume and direction; lifting the hair from the face and aiding it in falling gently over one side.

Working on his mission to compliment the hair Peter’s models were blessed with, Eugene worked with ghd styling tools to shape the looks:

The ghd styling tools are used for different reasons depending on the texture of the hair. For the girls with tight curls, I used the ghd curve soft curl tong (£120) to curl the roots, giving more volume but retaining that natural texture. On the other hand, we used the ghd gold straightener (£139) to create movement on some of the models; soft, broken waves, lifted at the root.

To me, this new glamour is a glamour which is all about pace, hair that is created at speed. It feels like it was ‘just done’ or that it ‘just happened’... It feels spontaneous. That’s the new kind of glamour - the haste, the pace at which it is done.

Eugene says of his final look:

The end result is vivacious glamour that is cool. It’s real hair for real women who are glamourous. And it’s not a glamour from a particular decade, it’s a timeless glamour.

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