Are You Brave Enough for a Buzz Cut?

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Every now and then a particular hairstyle seems to take the world by storm. There was the insatiable lust after ‘the Rachel’ and then the more grown up ‘Jennifer’, the ‘Lob’, and the one that always seems to stick, big bouncy curls.

But then a rogue style comes along and dares everyone to be different. Enter, the ‘Buzz Cut’. This shall we say edgy trend appears to have infiltrated the world of celebrity, with Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry all trading in their infamous long locks for super short peroxide blonde styles.

Want to go short but not ‘that’ short, then you can also opt for a short sophisticated pixie crop – a la Michelle Williams – or a textured bob, which is another popular style. If on the other hand you are brave enough and are thinking of going full buzz cut, then make sure you are prepared for the change. It’s a big commitment to go this short and can take up to 18 months (and longer) for your hair to grow out.

If you are thinking of going short, then a good stylist will be able to tell you the right hair length and style that will suit you best, so make sure you always consult with a professional before taking on such a drastic change.

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