Autumn Self-Care with Mojo Beauty Bar Dubai

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If you are a mum, then you know very well the importance of some ‘Me Time’ when you are in control over that precious moment of calm that sweeps over our exceedingly busy lives. Mojo Beauty Bar team understand how you feel and can offer some advice…

Self-Care has never been more important than now, and it has been coined as the new healthcare routine. Taking a few minutes each day for yourself can help to get a clearer picture of those everyday tasks we all perform without stress.

Make it easy on yourself with one of the suggestions below:

  • Simply sit with a hot tea or coffee and do not think about anything while you drink it
  • Meditate with candles and music
  • Reply to those messages that are priority only
  • Give yourself a facial massage with your favourite products
  • Do 15 mins of yoga or Pilates
  • Treat your hair to the mask your hairdresser has been advising
  • Or better yet, let salons take care of you and simply book your hour of calm

Having a freshly made-up face or your hair not just tossed into a messy bun and dressing up really does something to your mood which you will carry with you all day.

Make this Autumn a self-care season and restart you all over again, and remember, we all deserve a little pampering time.

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