Aveda Bloem Collection by Antoinette Beenders

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Inspired by botanical beauty and nature’s vibrant colours, the Aveda Bloem Collection by Antoinette Beenders provided inspiration for her highly anticipated show at Aveda Congress this year.

Once again, Antoinette Beenders, Aveda’s Senior Vice President Global Artistry, has demonstrated her ability to bring together the forces of the natural world with incredible artistry in her 2021 Aveda Bloem Collection. Bloem, which translates to “flower” in Dutch, is named after the collection’s inspiration of botanical beauty. Colour was the guiding light for this collection, which embraces nature’s colours in their richest, boldest, most opulent hues.

While creating this collection, Antoinette fabricated a new concept that she calls “cutting with colour,” which means to strategically place hair colour using a hair cutter’s point of view. This technique is defined by establishing bold, graphic lines and allowing the hair to move to achieve a natural gradation of colour.

Antoinette used Aveda Full Spectrum Vibrants to achieve the models’ bold, beautiful hair colour for this collection, focusing on colours that complemented the skin tone of each model.

The Aveda Bloem Collection represents the ultimate flower power, a collection designed, sculpted and painted by nature. Flowers stimulate fresh ways of thinking – incubating new colours, new harmonies and new ideas. - Antoinette Beenders.

Antoinette, who has been with Aveda for nearly 25 years, is continuously inspired by the brand’s innovations when it comes to botanically derived hair care and advancements in sustainability, rooted in the pioneering spirit of its founder Horst Rechelbacher. Born a cruelty-free brand, Aveda most recently announced in January 2021 that it is now 100% vegan, removing all beeswax and honey-derived ingredients from its products, while maintaining its artistry-level, high-performance quality. Additionally, Aveda products are manufactured using 100% renewable energy through wind and solar power.

Aveda Bloem Collection Credits
  • Concept & Creative Direction: Antoinette Beenders
  • Photography: Andrew Yee
  • Hair Cut & Colour: Antoinette Beenders supported by Allen Ruiz and Eva Van Anglen using Aveda
  • Full Spectrum Vibrants hair colour
  • Makeup: Walter Obal using Aveda makeup
  • Styling: Anna Katsanis
  • Prop Stylist: Shari Anlauf
  • Casting: Paul Isaac

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