AW21 Tribes from Warren Boodaghian

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While new trends and techniques emerge for the coming season, the tribes we belong to simply update and reform. HOB Academy head of technical, Warren Boodaghian, says we all belong to a tribe thanks to our lifestyle, likes, dislikes, values, and beliefs – and that tribe depends on the hairstyle and colour we wear and lifestyle we live...

We are all part of a tribe – from the clothes we buy, to the politics we believe in. Being part of a tribe is important, especially now, as we identify with other kindred spirits who listen to the same music, are interested in the same issues, and share the same style choices. Even if we’re isolating or away from friends and family, we can all feel like we belong to a tribe through other aspects of our lives.

And whichever tribe they belong to depends on the hairstyle, hair colour and product we should be offering our clients. Identify their tribe and they will repay you with their loyalty.

Warren details the key trends for AW21…
The Activist

The Activist is aware of the planet and the environment around her. Her lifestyle involves research, because she already embraces organic, fair trade and eco-conscious choices but she strives for more knowledge. Her life needs balance, and she needs time to check in on her own wellbeing. She is looking for hair that has minimal upkeep, with earthy, soft, and muted tones. Think Gwyneth Paltrow, Clare Danes, and Emma Watson.

The Right Here, Right Now

Whatever the season, this client is a follower. She evolves her look to follow whatever is on trend. Social media and influencers are her trend setters and there’s no delay, she wants everything instantly. As long as hair is multi-tonal and bespoke to her, she’s happy. Give it a luminous finish and she’ll be posting images all day! Think Kim Kardashian, Little Mix, and any Reality TV star.

The Traditionalist

This quietly confident client is timeless, disciplined and respects those around her. She’s not necessarily fashion forward, but she does believe in quality and heritage. She knows who she is, and her taste will never date. Her hair should be premium, simplistic, and rich in tone and texture. Think Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Blake Lively.

The Prima

She is her own leading lady – she always wants the best, whatever it’s going to cost her. She looks for inspiration in many ways but is a sucker for fashion and lifestyle magazines. She knows what she wants and being unique is top of the list. She’s looking for tailor-made hair with a nod to the future, and craves multi-dimensional, precision styling. Think Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney, and Kylie.

The Saviour

No is not an option for this client – she has no boundaries and will always say it how it is. She uses her voice, beliefs, and views to inspire and nurture those around her but depending on her mood depends on what she wants her identity to be at the time. Her style is daring and she’s looking for her hair to be impactful. It’s sharp, it’s her signature and changes from season to season. Think Michelle Visage, Lady Gaga, and Naomi Campbell.

The Rebel

She’s effortlessly cool and knows what she wants. Everything around her moulds her signature style and whatever her age, she’s always ready for the party! Her hair colour needs to be expressive, vivid, and as bold as her personality. Make it individual and effortless. Think Miley, Kate Moss, and Pink.

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