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For quite a long time, having a beard is not something new; it has become a man’s lifestyle. Our clients often ask us about beards and how to treat it properly. For a beard to look advantageous and attractive, it must be looked after.

Let us share everything you need to know about beard toning…

Beard toning is a way to temporarily colour facial hair. Toning differs from classic colouring in that the toner does not penetrate the hair and does not displace the natural pigment. The colour change is achieved because the toner leaves a coloured film on the hair scales without changing the pigment composition and colour of the hair itself. The saturation of the shade during toning depends on the time during which the tinting agent was on the hair. Due to the use of an ammonia-free composition, the image is holistic and there are no sharp transitions. Due to the lipid molecule, volume and grooming are achieved.

We noticed that our clients have the effect last more than 2-3 weeks. Sometimes beard toning is a necessity, not an aesthetic procedure. The beard does not grow at all, or its growth is uneven.

Our experts in beard services have identified the main factors that contribute to this:
  1. Age Criteria: The first beard begins to grow around the age of 14-15, so you should not expect its earlier appearance. Every guy should know why a beard grows faster at a certain age. Perhaps the whole thing is his age and soon the hair in the cheek area will grow without any stimulation.
  2. Genetics: Genetics is considered one of the most significant factors. It is the set of genes passed down from father to son that is responsible for hair growth. Therefore, a guy should ask his father, grandfather, or older brother how they experienced stubble at his age, did it grow, and if so, did it grow evenly or not?
  3. Heredity: Heredity is also reflected in the growth of facial hair. Nationality can be attributed to heredity. For example, the inhabitants of the Caucasus acquire stubble much earlier than the inhabitants of Asia, their beard is always lusher and thicker. Then it makes no sense to look for information about why a beard grows very quickly or it doesn’t exist at all, it’s all about nationality.

So, the next time you want to add colour to your look, consider beard toning to add to your trimming, shaping, and nourishing treatments for beards. It’s a simple solution that won’t take too much time and our professionals will do their best to make you look great.

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