Beat The Summer Heat

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Beat the summer heat with help from the team at Aidan Fitzgerald.

Summer is a perilous time for your hair. Those rays we sought so much to tan our skin can blister it too. The same applies to our hair. As the sun lightens our hair it can also frizz, frazzle and burn it if you are not careful. Combined with wind, heat, salt and chlorine the results can be disastrous.

Many of us think the effects of the ‘sun kissed look’ is not harmful, as it’s from ‘natural rays’, but unfortunately it is just as damaging as applying bleach. The sun weakens the hair structure; so to prevent this we recommend wearing a hat as the best protection. Product wise we would recommend the Soileil range from Kerastase. It helps protect the proteins in the hair while keeping the texture soft and supple. While abroad we would highly recommend indulging in a hydrating mask or treatment. Treatments containing Aloe Vera/coconut oils are a favourite with our clients - Matrix Mask for dry hair (Aloe) Matrix RAW range which contains coconut oils.

Unanimously our team agrees that a trim a few weeks before you set off to the sun hugely benefits the hair. This lessens the effect of sun damage as ends are the oldest and most sensitive to sun damage. We also recommend a colour service before you head off and a refresher after your holiday i.e. a toner, as your hair colour can lighten a lot in the sun. To care for your colour, we recommend a shampoo for coloured hair, at home Kerastase Reflection Range Bain Chromatique and abroad Kerastase Soileil. These products help protect the colour as well as the structure of the hair.

To summarise: invest in a good colour shampoo, indulge in a good oil treatment (use 1-2 times a week - leave in overnight if possible), and finally, wear a hat.

Enjoy your summer!

Colour Technican at The Colour Room @ Aidan Fitzgerald

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