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Beauty Heads Up: BYO Water


With aqua being a major ingredient in so many beauty products, why not add it yourself at home? Enter BYO water beauty – a new sustainable movement of powder-based products that are designed for water to be added at home.

Did you know that a typical bottle of shower gel or shampoo contains around 95% water? In fact, many products in your beauty stash right now need water to function. Products that are BYO water create less waste – because less water creates less packaging, and less packaging, in particular plastic, creates less waste. It is estimated that 20% of global disposable plastic packaging could be replaced by reusable packaging if we only shipped active ingredients.

There are plenty of brands now leading the way on this new BYO approach. Check out our top recommendations below to help get you started:


FORGO kicked things off with its fantastic hand soap starter kit. It comes with two glass bottles in which you simply add the powder and water, and you are done! Plus, there are plans on the horizon to add body wash and oral care products.


Based in Margate, Haeckels is famous for its seaweed skincare. Their 60% H20 Ocean Cleanse Concentrate + Allantoin comes in a three-pill form that you mix with boiling water to transform into a shower gel.


OWA haircare have created a water-activated shampoo called Moondust Hair Wash. One 56g bottle of powder is equivalent to four standard bottles of liquid shampoo! You simply sprinkle some of the powder into your palm, add water, and shampoo.


Famous for its refillable deodorant, Humankind have formulated BYO water products for your teeth: Toothpaste Tablets and Mouthwash.

When it comes to skincare, powder formulations are often more powerful. For example, Vitamin C lasts longer in powder form, so your skin gets more benefits from it - a win-win for both you and the planet!