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For Olivier Theyskens AW18 show, Eugene Souleiman echoed the spirit of the clothes by creating a tough, hard look with contrasting delicate elements.

Eugene says,

There’s a very strong concept for this show. Olivier’s clothes are exquisite but with attitude. The collection combines beautiful tailoring with heavy, tough footwear that gives the girls an attitude as they walk. I wanted to echo the spirit of that in the hair.

The key to this look is combining the girl’s natural hair with dreadlocks. It’s all about playing with qualities of hair and textures, which are not normally associated with one another. To do something chic and beautiful but raw and tough at the same time. These girls are empowered, they are assertive, opinionated and confident with a strong attitude. All of the looks are tailored to suit the girls but in essence the style of it remains.

Get the look:
  1. Let hair fall into a natural parting.
  2. Tuck small pieces of hair behind the ears and spray with a fine coating of EIMI Mistify Me Light. Ruffle with hands to create shine and raw texture.
  3. Add tension to the hair by holding a net tightly over the top of the head and lightly drying with the ghd Air Hairdryer (£99).
  4. Create dreadlocks by sporadically picking up pieces of hair and applying EIMI Ocean Spritz to add texture and grit. Then backcomb. “As you’re backcombing, the piece of hair you’re working with gets shorter and shorter, keep adding to it by including small amounts of hair around it and continue backcombing. As you’re working down the shaft of the hair you’re continuously picking up bits of hair to hold the dreadlock together. Some of them are going to be quite small and thin, some will be bigger and thicker, it all depends what the girl’s hair is like.” Eugene
  5. The look was finished with EIMI Dry Me used at the ends to add contrasting textures and remove any remaining shine.

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