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Brooks & Brooks AW23 Colour Trends

As nature brings a host of stunning colours with the change in seasons, expect to see a beautiful autumn spectrum of hair colour trends.

Here, the team from Brooks & Brooks, London, offers its take on the shades that will dominate the coming months…

The Trend: Marmalade Copper Meets Tangerine Copper 

It wouldn’t be autumn without a ravishing redhead with copper tones. But forget bold, global colour - this season’s copper has undertones of playful pink and yellow. This mischievous mix creates a delicate luminous tone which will suit a multitude of skin tones and open up numerous possibilities for you to entice your clients to try a colour change.

The Trend: Ortega Brunette

It was inevitable that the meteoric rise to fame of Jenna Ortega, aka Wednesday Addams, would lead to a rise in brunette requests. This season’s brunettes will be glossy and healthy but also incorporate the youthful edge of Ms Ortega, with a grungier, grittier feel - it's luxe, but it’s luxe with attitude. Changing from lighter shades to brunette can also give the impression of added length, contributing to the ultimate transformation and client satisfaction.

The Trend: Pumpkin Spice 

As colder weather creates a desire for heat, expect increased demand for warmer shades. Pumpkin Spice encapsulates this movement - it’s a warm brown containing hints of red and copper. Think autumn leaves in the muted seasonal sunlight. The best techniques are those that give the hair dimension, to allow a natural feeling and products such as L’Oreal Professionnel iNOA copper and rosé tones.

The Trend: Saturated Tones 

The ultimate in beautiful, subtle colour, saturated tones come from a feeling of the autumn dawn. These shades are as light as air and clean. Think of the hair as a canvas on which you are creating a stunning watercolour. Products such as L’Oreal Professionnel’s Dia Light Violet Booster, Violet Booster, and a dot of black with 9vl creates the perfect look. 

The Trend: Switch The Stitch and Adapt Your Paint 

Creating change through adding dimension with artful placement will be a colour menu must this season. Balayage techniques featuring placements of deeper contrasting shades will give depth and contrast, allowing negative space to breathe. The secret here is to paint on top of the hair, not underneath it. Highlights should be stitch-ribboned for veils of colour to pop.