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Nelson Brown takes us behind the scenes at London Fashion Week, explaining the looks that made it down the runway and tells us how to easily recreate them at home.

Look one

Inspired by the hair Nelson assisted on for Julien MacDonald.

Mr Sam McKnight, the hairdressing icon and lead stylist, wanted a Latino feel to the hair with texture and movement.

We scrunched up what natural curl was already in the hair with a diffuser, before adding extra curls here and there with tongs. Lift at the front was essential.

Look two

Inspired by the looks cascading down the catwalk at Burberry, where hairdresser Sam McKnight led the hair team.

Nelson assisted this legend in hairdressing creating a loose modern texture, and enhancing individuality with the hair.

The look was styled using Windle & Moodie Foundation Spray, giving light moisture to the hair, and diffused dried.

This ultra cool youthful look shows you don’t have to over style your hair.

Look three

This ultra polished 50’s look took reference to the hair Sam McKnight created for fashion designer, Charlotte Olympia.

The hair was curled using the 13mm WAM revolving tong on dry, clean hair, allowing maximum heat at the root by holding the tong at the root and wrapping the hair around.

The look was completed by brushing the curls out using a Mason and Pearson brush.

Look four

This look was inspired by the show Nelson assisted on for Simone Rocha, led by James Pecis.

The hair was pulled back in two sides using fingers to give a rough loose feel. Each side was then braided in the middle of the back, right to the ends.

Hair around the front was pulled out and finished with

Windle & Moodie Light Shine Spray to give it a high shine.

This article was featured in the West Cumbria Guide.

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