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Client Reviews by The Wave Lounge Abu Dhabi

The Wave Lounge Beauty Spa
“The masseuse (Seymoun) was such an angel. She did a perfect and flawless lymphatic drainage massage that made me buy a package. Also, the organization has such professional staff and treatments.”

When your clients take time to post a review for their services and mention your name, it drives you to have a warm feeling all over because you know for real that your client is loving what you do.

And when they mention the whole salon is meeting their needs and standards, it is time for the whole team and owner to jump for joy knowing that the salon is achieving a good customer satisfaction level across the board. But why?

Because the written word is so powerful, and in our busy lives we do have some amazing experiences but are too busy to stop and share our thoughts. But when we do, it has a profound effect on the team and the business.

The focus of a salon is to provide hair and beauty services to its clients delivered by a variety of people from reception to backwash and everything else in between. Those people always have the client in the forefront of their mind and aim to help them look good, as well as a very important goal… to help them feel good too!

So that is why every salon employee should be valued, as they all play a premium role in this theatre of service delivery, and to do it consistently is a valued skill.

So, dear clients…

Please continue to review your salon experiences because they provide valuable feedback to enable us to deliver the best possible service to you always!

Come and experience The Wave Lounge Beauty Spa in Abu Dhabi so we can delight you. Find out more at (and post your reviews too!) or give us a call on +971 2 546 4956.