Colour Me Happy Get the Look: Autumn Crescent

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Matrix Hair Artist: John Anthoney

Hair Pattern: Straight (2A)

Base level: 4

John wanted to add a warmth and vibrancy to his client’s hair. Using a crescent sectioning pattern and autumnal copper shades, her hair is brightened and enhanced. 

  • A: 20 parts 7CG with 20 parts 10 Vol Matrix Developer
  • B: 20 parts 6RC+ and 5 parts 6RV+ with 25 parts 10 Vol Matrix Developer
  • C: 40 parts 10G and 1 part 7CC+ with 41 parts 10 Vol Matrix Developer

Top Tip: If your client has over 50% grey, try using SoColor Extra Coverage creative palette with 20 Vol Matrix Developer as a root touch up service.

Steps to get the look
  1. Begin by sectioning a crescent shape on each side of the head, just above the partial ridge.
  2. Section another crescent section just above each ear.
  3. Create your third crescent section close to the hairline, pointing away from the temple.
  4. Use a freehand ribboning technique to create pops of colour using formula A and B alternately.
  5. Refresh the mid-lengths and ends with formula C for 20 minutes.
  6. Styling: To keep her hair feeling in great condition and to shield against heat damage, Miracle Creator 20 was applied to damp hair before blow drying.

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