Consultation Musts by Chic Nail Academy

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Eve of Chic Nail Academy gives us her top five tips to follow during treatment consultations…

Client Record Card

This is the history of your clients’ nails, and it helps you monitor your clients’ treatments and progress. It will also have all their details on if ever you need to get in contact with them and for insurance purposes. They are also great for keeping on track of the products you used, for example, if you use more than one nail system it’s hard to remember what you have used when you have so many clients, and if that specific product has worked really well with your clients’ nails, you want to make sure you use that product again.

Nail Health

Are their nails suitable to be working on? For beginners you can refer to your training manuals during consultations if you are unsure. Nail health isn’t just contraindications, do they have ridges that need to be built up or breakages that need to be fixed? This is why you should always examine your clients’ nails before starting the treatment. And remember if you are ever unsure about working on a client’s nails due to poor nail health or a possible contra indication don’t do it.

What Do They Want

Sounds simple. Discus length, shape, colour, and design if they want one. If they have a photo, great! Colour match as best you can, and if the photo is unachievable adapt it. Always be honest if you think you can’t deliver what they have asked for and explain why. Maybe you have never seen that design before or they want square nails but only have short round nails to work with and adapt it to a something you can do. As nail techs we can’t do absolutely everything, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, so it best to be honest with our clients about that. Knowing what they want before starting the treatment will save time later rather than stop starting for questions during the treatment.

One Time Appointment or Returning Client

This will help you decide what products to use. For example, if it’s just for a holiday and will need to be removed once they are back, you wouldn’t use a none soak off BIAB that needs to be infilled, you would do a basic gel manicure that can be easily removed when they are home causing minimal damage. It’s up to you to deliver the correct service that best fits the client’s needs and explain to them why you are doing what you are doing.

You Are the Professional

It’s so easy for clients to see things all over social media and persist that that’s what they want such as BIAB, but like I said before, if it’s being removed and not infilled three weeks later it’s not the best fitting product for their nails and it’s your job to explain why. If you explain everything you are doing and why it will show that you’re a professional, you’re knowledgeable and you know what’s best. You should always be as accommodating as you can, so it is important to get the right balance between saying no and ensuring the client is happy and satisfied with the treatment they have received. 

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