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Creating the Perfect Bob


Kasho’s top tips for using your scissors to create the perfect bob…

The bob is THE look of the year, with clients choosing the chop after years of long, soft waves. So, there’s no better time to invest in a pair of scissors that will give you precision, direction and ultimate control.

up close image of a haircut

Kasho director Benjamin Shipman says it’s great to see bobs back in fashion, “We’re delighted that haircuts, especially the bob, are back in fashion for 2024, giving stylists the opportunity to be creative while exciting their clients with a brand new look. The bob’s popularity stems from its versatility and timeless appeal, offering a chic low-maintenance style that suits various hair types and lifestyles. It’s a classic choice that can be customised to completement individual features and preferences.”

Benjamin’s tips for using your scissors to get the perfect bob

  • Precision is crucial, so always use sharp, high-quality scissors to achieve clean lines and seamless layers. 
  • Choose high-quality scissors with sharp, convex blades. Japanese scissors such as Kasho are best for their durability and precision.
  • Always use a scissor with ergonomic handles to ensure comfort during prolonged use, as cutting a bob requires attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Make sure your scissors are super-sharp when cutting a bob, a precise outline is what makes it beautiful, and you need sharp blades to create a blunt line.
  • A smaller blade such as 5” is perfect for precision work, while a longer blade is ideal for point cutting and texturising your bob.

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