Daniel Fletcher: London Fashion Week Men AW19

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At Daniel Fletcher’s AW19 show, models evoked an ‘after work playground’ feel, with prep-schoolboy slicked down side partings that gave way to ruffled, deconstructed crowns.

Session stylist: Anna Cofone at The Wall Group using Fudge Professional

Get the look…
  1. Section off the front of the hair and clip it out of the way. Spritz Fudge Professional Salt Spray (£12.95) through the hair at the back of the head, and then dry off using a flat brush, brushing hair to the opposite side it would naturally fall to boost natural ‘scruffiness’.
  2. Use narrow straightening irons to smooth down any fuzzy flyaways, and clippers to remove unwanted fuzz.
  3. Mix equal parts Fudge Professional Xpander Foam (£12.95) and Fudge Professional Hair Gum (£12.45), and then comb into the roots in the front section with a narrow toothed comb. Keep the length at the front free from product.
  4. Create a straight side parting and then, working with the hair’s natural wave, comb the fringe around and down the side of the face and back behind the ear. Secure the fringe with wads of barbering tape and clips. Tie a hair net over the whole hair and secure under the chin to set.
  5. Finish with Fudge Skyscraper Extra (£10.45), encouraging dishevelled texture through the hair at the back of the head.


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