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With so many online tutorials now only a few clicks away, great hair is more achievable than ever before.

But before you start to recreate that two minute wonder style, it’s important to firstly get the basic fundamentals right. The right shampoo, conditioner and styling products are just as important as that GHD hairdryer that you found under the Christmas tree.

A golden rule to remember when looking online at images and videos via YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest is, these women already hit the gene pool jackpot when it comes to having GREAT hair or they wouldn’t be so keen to show it off. So if the hair they are working on is healthy and shiny they don’t even need to be that handy with a hair wand for the finished look to be good. So try and not be too hard on yourself.

Allow enough time to practice the look you’re after. I always think a lazy Sunday afternoon is a good time to practice, not that all important date night where there is high potential to try too hard and end up in a flap before throwing the tongs at the wall, vowing never again to try anything that sickhairtutoris.com claims is ‘an easy way to ‘AWESOME hair’.

Who wants to spend the first ten minutes of your date night arguing about how long you took to get ready and how late you now are?…no one.

Decide what level of maintenance you are before you start searching for a D.I.Y do. There are, in my opinion, three levels of hair maintenance:

Level 1 - If you shampoo and condition your hair before running out the door in the morning eating toast whilst simultaneously applying make-up, then you’re going to struggle doing anything too adventurous. I suggest applying a small amount of L’Anza Healing Trauma Treatment to towel dried hair. It has 19 amino acids found naturally in the hair and it is also the ideal balance between moisture and protein, making it perfect for every hair type. Plus it’s also amazing at preserving hair colour. It’s great for those who like to air dry their hair as it will take away that fluffy ‘just washed’ feel.

Level 2 - If you wash and condition your hair, apply products and dry your hair with a hairdryer and brush/hands, then try using L’Anza’s Healing Combing Cream. It has a blend of four oils all compatible with the hair so there’s no build-up. But more importantly it has a positive keratin cream, and as your hair has a negative charge, it works like a magnet to close your cuticle layer. It dries your hair 75% quicker, meaning ten minutes extra in bed. Yay!

Level 3 - If you do all of the above but also use a curling/waving tong or iron to finish, then you are officially committed to making the most of your home maintenance routine. The look right now is still super natural hair, so practice drying your hair with your hands pointing the hairdryer nozzle down the hair shaft for super shiny results. Then take a medium barrelled tong and wrap once mid way up the hair and do a slow back combing technique this will create a very natural soft wave. Finish with some L’Anza Healing Oil Lustre Spray.

Or if you can’t be bothered with all that, book in for an up-to-the-minute do with Laura Cowie at the PURDEY Blow-dry bar. To book call 01224211890

Damian Potts, Salon Owner of Purdey, Aberdeen and Creative Director of L’Anza UK

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