Easy Hairstyles for Those Greasy Days

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Life in lockdown can be pretty tedious, but it can also be a great opportunity for your hair to breathe a sigh of relief.

Embracing our natural texture and staying off the heated tools for a while, as well as taking a break from chemical processing, can give your strands a much needed break and allow the hair to repair and restore. But, what to do with those greasy hair days when you are trying to shampoo less?

Styling greasy hair isn’t always easy, but when your latest Zoom meeting is calling, you need something quick and stylish. Below are some simple styles to help you give your hair a break and keep you looking sharp at home!

Bobby pins

Turn that greasy parting into a slicked ‘straight off the catwalk’ side parting with some well-placed bobby pins. This is also a great style for those in a growing out phase too. Simply part the hair to one side, and then brush backwards to slick it back. Then grab a handful of bobby pins and get creative, applying them just behind the ear on the slicked-back side.


Buns are a classic style and great for keeping hair out the way on those ‘can’t be bothered’ days! To begin with, apply some dry texture spray (if you have any), and then brush your hair into a low ponytail. Now, you can either create a simple bun by winding the hair into a bun shape, or if you have long hair, braid the length and then wind. Pin the end of the hair into the bun to hold. For extra volume, gently pull outwards on the braid or backcomb the hair before winding.


Nothing hides grease more than slicked-back braids! First off, brush your hair into a high ponytail, keeping the hair sleek, and secure with elastic. Braid the length and tie with another elastic. If you have a smoothing cream or oil to hand, run this down the braid to tame any flyaways. This look is all about the polish!

Bantu knots

Bantu knots are great for those with lots of natural texture, and once the knots are released; it gives you fantastic looking loose curls. Simply break the hair into sections, depending on how many knots you want, and then twist into a rope and wrap it around the base. Secure each knot with a pin.


To really hide that grease, why not opt for an accessory such as a headband or a scarf? Slick your hair into a ponytail – high or low – and then once secure simply finish your look with a cute headband, scarf or ribbons – let your creativity show!

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