Emilio De La Morena: Autumn / Winter 15

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Emilio is by nature an intellectual designer, whose passion lies in exploring new processes and ways of putting clothes together. He manages to create surprising and fastidiously sexy cocktail looks by modernizing old and obscure craftsmanship techniques.

But just as important as the intellectual explorations behind a collection, is the way each garment makes the wearer feel - reinforcing her personality and a sensual femininity.

Creative Director Hair: Leigh Keates for Cloud Nine

Look: The accidental bun. Leigh contrasted the opulence of Emilio de la Morena’s AW15 collection with this raw, edgy style. The perfect nod to the Emilio woman, it is strong, modern and perfectly balanced between elegantly refined and provokingly sexy.

The Accidental Bun is all about the prep. To get that effortless texture, which changes the end finish of the bun, the Cloud Nine Waving Wand was integral as the wide barrel and low temperature setting allowed me to create a memory in the hair rather than a definite wave or curl. It gives a carefree feel to the hair – we wanted it to look like a style that wasn’t set out to be achieved, a happy accident.

A key feature of this look was natural texture, and keeping finger marks through the top section was vital for that low maintenance vibe. The Cloud Nine Micro Iron has really small plates, which are perfect for getting right into the hair and making it ideal for enhancing these points of detail. To finish the look, I loosely closed the Micro Iron over sections through the top of the hair and used it to tease out flyaway’s around the ears and hairline for a more relaxed and sexy finish whilst still retaining elegance; the epitome of the Emilio de la Morena woman. Leigh Keates

Key Products: Cloud Nine The Waving Wand (RRP £99.95), Cloud Nine The Micro Iron (RRP £54.95), Cloud Nine Dressing Brush (RRP £20).


1. Prep with mousse

2. Create a tousled texture with the Cloud Nine Waving Wand set to the Low setting

3. Use the Cloud Nine Dressing Brush to create an off-centre parting, hold into a ponytail

4. Use fingers to loosen the front of the hair creating finger marks and texture throughout

5. Secure the ponytail with black elastic leaving some extra. Split into two and twist

6. Twist both sections together and up into an oblong bun shape

7. Use the leftover black elastic to tie underneath and across the bun centre

8. Use the Cloud Nine Micro Iron to enhance the finger texture and tease out flyaway’s. Finish with styling cream to give the hair a slightly sweaty finish

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