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Fringes. They are not for everyone, but there are women who don't despair at the thought of their seven year old self with the fringe their mum decided to cut.

If you are not afraid to 'Fringe' they can add an effortless cool to many hairstyles. From fine and flyaway to thick and coarse, not every fringe is created equal. So to help clear up any confusion, the team at Samuel Chapman Salon give their guide to what fringe could suit your face shape.

Square Face

Ask your stylist to cut your fringe to just below the eyebrows, leaving the heaviest pieces of hair on the sides so they don’t cover your eyes too much. The hair in the centre can be softened so a little bit of forehead is peeking through.

Round Face

Ask your Stylist to gently arch your fringe so that it will compliment your soft features. Fringes can make round faces appear even fuller, so the right shape is key. Request a graphic, curved shape that will flatter your bone structure. Think thick fringes rather than wispy ones to make more of an impact.

Heart Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces can look a little top heavy. Adding a side-sweeping fringe can have a balancing effect and draw the attention towards the eyes, away from where the face shape is wider at the top. Your ideal fringe is layered where the shortest pieces hit the arch of your eyebrows, and the longer hairs meet the outer corner of your eyes.

Oval Face

Those of you with oval face shapes can rejoice! Nearly every type of fringe can be flattering on you. Be daring and try something different with your hairstyle. Ask your stylist which they think would suit your style and which you can manage effectively.

Small Forehead

Ask your stylist for a sweeping, asymmetrical fringe that can make a short    forehead appear stronger and more pronounced. To elongate your brow, ask your stylist to cut your fringe on a steep, swooping angle that blends into cheek-skimming layers. Although this style requires a deep side parting, it’s flattering for a number of face shapes.

High Forehead

Fuller fringes that swing can have a double-effect. The thickness conceals the forehead, while the gradual angle opens up and widens the face. Heavy side swept fringes that start in the centre of the forehead and taper diagonally to the cheekbones are better when they start behind your natural hairline, as they’re substantial and need plenty of width.

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