Epson Digital Couture Presentation Autumn/Winter 15

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Epson, a global leader in printing imaging technology, unveiled its latest textile printing innovation during New York Fashion Week this February. Eleven selected designers from the Americas showcased collections created using Epson's new state-of-the-art technology: digital dye sublimation printing.

Digital dye sublimation technology, a relatively new trend in the textile industry allows designers to alter textile designs, make colour selections with the click of a mouse, and hone in on the fine details of their creations. Epson's SureColor® F -Series printers, the F standing for "fashion forward", give fashion and textile designers alike an accessible means to bring their ideas and inspiration to life, with the signature quality that distinguishes the Epson brand.

The SureColor F-Series is a line of printers that are high-speed, low-cost printers that produce sharp, vivid images. They offer an abundance of rich colours, intense blacks, and smooth gradations onto fabric.

Session Stylist: Matthew Curtis

Hair Inspiration: Super sleek ballerina chignons for a poised look. The hair was kept simply elegant to create a visual balance with the bold colours, patterns and prints within the collection.

Kit Bag Essentials: Volumising mousse, smoothing serum, firm-hold hairspray, shine spray and flat irons for getting super sleek locks.


1. Begin with dry, clean hair and using a fine tooth comb, create a centre parting. This is a delicate and precise look, so it is important to get the parting as central and even as possible.

2. Clean-up the hairline by applying a small amount of volumising mousse around the hairline to smooth away any kinks and flyways.

3. Brush hair in to a ponytail at the nape of the neck with a Mason Pearson brush.

4. Secure the ponytail with elastic and run flat irons over the ponytail.

5. Next, place a setting net to the top of the head; spray with a firm hold hairspray and blow-dry over the net to create a super clean, smooth finish.

6. Apply a smoothing serum to the ponytail and twist in to a tight bun and secure with hair grips.

7. Finish the look with shine spray for added glamour.

Tip: You can use a pair of nylon or fishnet tights as an alternative to a setting net.

Photography: Dean Neville/

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