Errol Douglas' Best Of The Met

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Errol Douglas reveals his top hairstyles from this year's Met Gala, as well as his how-to tips to recreate the styles at home.

Lupita Nyong'o 

Another event, another triumph. Vibrant, sexy flapper and a celebration of natural Afro hair finished with a stunning headband accessory. This lady continues to wow!

The key to moulding short Afro hair into this style is condition and hydration, so regular intensive hydrating masks are essential. A good moisturising moulding product, worked through the hair, will make it easier to define a side parting before combing out and up to achieve the two heights of the style. A little extra hair piece may have been added here to achieve this upwards twisted bun. Choose a piece mounted onto a comb, as it's much easier to place and position.

Rita Ora

With this style, Miss Ora loses the length but not the impact! Keeping her colour contrast with bold roots and her signature platinum blonde, before adding further drama with a wet look, slicked back 'boy/girl' style in two lengths.

This really shows off her fresh young complexion and the stunning strapless line of her dress. Add a hydrating product to some hair gel and apply front to back with a wide toothed comb, gently pulling to the left. Set with a strong hold hairspray.

Zoe Kravitz

My girl Zoe, who I love having in the salon with her dad when she's in London, never misses an opportunity to completely reinvent her style.

Blonde, feathered, chin-kissing layers with a blunt eye defining fringe that makes her cheekbones pop - stunning! This look is all in the cut and the right blonde hue to suit her skin tone. Head to the salon for this one ladies, don't try and recreate this yourself.

Zoe Saldana

Simple and to the point, but no less stunning, this mixed heritage loose chignon doesn't compete with Zoe's dress.

Pinned equal distance between the crown and the nape, it's an up-do that's given just the right amount of personality to be fresh with a subtle crown lift and a face framing finish with a centre parting.

Focus on condition and shine, finishing off the loose sections of the centre parting with a straightening iron (My Treat&Style infuses keratin to create that glossy healthy finish), and finger comb rather than fully back comb at the crown for a subtle lift. Use a light formula hairspray to protect movement within the hold.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

On a night in which chignons and buns were inevitably quite prevalent in order to allow the legendary Charles James 'White Tie & Decorations' homage to take centre stage via the gowns, one of our most stylish Brit beauties opts to wear her hair down in a sleek runway favourite look with a defined centre parting - suitably stunning and a great match for her Balmain dress.

Build in hydrating products right from the wash for this high gloss finish. Blow-dry with a focus on not disturbing the cuticle - my Infrared PRO Hairdryer available in Boots dries from the inside out very quickly to lock in moisture and shine.

Finish with straighteners root to end, before spraying a little non-sticky hairspray onto the hands and gently smoothing in one sweep – one hand each side of the parting, before using both hands to finish on the back section crown to end.

Nicole Richie

I always love the statement Nicole makes with her colour, and this deep lilac doesn't disappoint. It's not for everyone, but a big 'yes' in my opinion on olive and mixed heritage skin tones.

By opting for a three section up-do with direction from front to back, the edge ante is upped further by the separation of each section and the quiff effect of the middle section. Keeping the sections separate, gently back comb each and use fingers in a raking motion to join them together and pin at the back.

Sarah Jessica Parker

A Met Gala co-chair and one of New York's most famous style exports doesn't disappoint, nor did she just go bold with her De La Renta Dress. Sarah Jessica Parker went huge and intricate on her up-do, and I love it!

Two large folded sections (one slightly smaller than the other), that are root volume blow-dried, back combed and then smoothed out to ensure a classic sophisticated finish as each section rolled up and under to meet at the back just below the crown in a communal join.

The key to this look is to create volume right from the preparation without disturbing the cuticles so that they lay flat to give that high shine, frizz free finish. My Infrared PRO Hairdryer will dry speedily and from the inside out to protect the finish. A buildable hairspray used on the hair whilst wet will also assist in the hold and dry back comb before each section is placed. The nod to the Gala's 'decoration' homage is beautifully executed in the big flowered monochrome hairband, and by placing it at the nape it further accentuates the height and gives a neat finish.

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