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Hairstylist Errol Douglas MBE recommends a chignon for Kate Middleton. With Kate Middleton dominating the news recently, celeb hairdresser Errol Douglas MBE offers his advice for a classic bridal style.

Errol is an expert bridal hairdresser, designing the likes of Emilia Fox's wedding day hair. His salon is the salon of choice for Storm who send their models there, including Lily Cole, Eva Herzigova, Jourdan Dunn, to name but a few.

Errol's Advice

"My favourite hairstyle for a bride has to be the classic chignon. It's understated, can be worn with a veil or simply accessorised for a more modern finish, and works with any style of dress. For a more interesting finish, try a double chignon. This would suit Kate perfectly and is easy to translate for your own wedding. Personally, I prefer it without a veil but worn with gorgeous accessories."

"To create this look, apply blow-dry cream to wet hair and smooth out using a large, round, bristly brush. Once dry, section off the top area to the crown with a clip. Pull the rest of the hair back into a ponytail, spraying the sides closely with hairspray and brushing over to create a sleek, polished finish. Lean your head back when wrapping a band through as this will pull up the nape sleek and tight when you rest your head as normal, no more baggy ponytails! Once you have the hair secure, roll the pony round and round until the hair starts to twist back on itself. Then loop it round into a bun shape and pin all around the edges to make secure. Unclip the upper section, backcombing firmly through the roots, spraying as you go. Smooth the hair over with a brush and tuck the ends under to from a horizontal roll. Sit this on top of the chignon, pin into place around the sides and spray well. We used a gorgeous pearl necklace and threaded it through the top roll at the sides, draping it over the bun at the base."

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