Errol Douglas MBE Picks His Top Looks from the EMA's

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Errol Douglas MBE talks us through his favourite styles as seen at this year’s MTV European Music Awards.

Ellie Goulding

She is a colour chameleon and she’s done it again! My colour team are seeing more and more requests for bold block colour changes, a trend I predicted would make a return. What I love is that if the tone is correctly matched to the skin’s undertones, age isn’t necessarily a barrier to shades that on first glance would be deemed ‘young only’. Pairing the colour statement with a sleek retro-esque 40’s classic blow-dry is perfect here, and a little root drag makes it current.

This look rides on the overall condition of the hair, so pre-event use moisture infusing masks a few days before coupled with a little Moroccanoil Treatment on wet hair before section blow-drying with tension from the top. This will ensure a good gloss on the finish.

Jess Glynne

A classy enhancement plan for naturally beautiful curls is the right decision for this ‘girl of the moment’. Hydration is everything with naturally curly hair, so moisturizing styling products whilst wet and a cool diffusing dry will ensure that the definition of the curl stays intact.

Matrix Professional Transparent Gloss treatments are a great value way at the salon to lift and increase the longevity of existing colour, and walking into one or two pumps of a shine mist like Matrix Professional Style Link Hold Booster to finish (don’t spray onto the hair, it’ll be too heavy) completes the look.

Tallia Storm

This 16 year old statement queen brought it to the EMA red carpet, and as a big fan of let loose show and catwalk creations, I love this - the height, the colour contrast from roots to ends and the overall edge and attitude this delivers!

Be prepared to work for this one. Start with a rough blow-dry after prepping the hair with a texturizing and volumizing mousse. Once dry, divide the hair into sections and crimp from roots to ends. Gently use fingers to back comb each crimped section to add a little more structure, before drawing the hair together and scraping tightly to the middle of the crown, securing with a bungee cord. Next, tease out the hair with a focus of placing from the forehead backwards to create a loose, moving Mohican effect. Spray a strong hold hairspray like Matrix Professional Shape Maker onto the hands and gently finger back comb once more in the direction front to back to build in hold to the shape.

Ruby Rose

EMA Host and Orange is the New Black actress, Ruby Rose, nailed this double braid, which was perfect to show off a young fresh complexion and to complement, but not compete with, a daring outfit choice for the red carpet.

Treat the hair with light hair oil whilst wet to build in the shine during the blow-dry, so that once braided the hair doesn’t appear dull. Once blow-dried in sections (a strong tension blow dry is best to create a sleek canvas to braid), divide the hair first into two sections, top and bottom, before dividing the top section into left and right, braiding each from the front to the back to secure. Repeat with the bottom section front to back and secure all four braids at the nape with hair coloured pins. A light mist of a shine spray will light reflect to finish the look.

For those without the length, cheat with Balmain Hair Couture pieces – a great variety in thickness and colour matches in the braid options.

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