Errol Douglas MBE Shares His Top Met Gala Styles

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Katie Holmes

Katie nailed the Oriental tribute and went for the chop with this classic precision cut blunt bob complete with heavy fringe and a little volume. This look is completely dependent on the precise, razor cut shape and a finish given both body and attitude through a little texture.

This is a salon stylist only option. To maintain this style at home after the initial cut, prep with a volume styling mousse and rough dry until two thirds dry. Finish with a large barrel brush giving good tension from roots to ends. To get the slightly edgier volume in the finish, gently go over all the hair in sections root to end once with a straightening iron, bending the wrist slightly as you pass ear height. This will give the lift without disturbing the overall polish of the shape. 

A precision shape is enhanced by the general condition of the hair, so invest in a hydrating treatment the week before a big event, and add a supplement such as Viviscal to your beauty routine to build hair condition from the inside out. Finish by walking into the mist of a high shine product; don’t spray directly onto the hair as it will weigh it down.

Solange Knowles

I know another flawless Knowles rocked a show stopping pony on the night, but it was Solange for me who had the edge. Solange’s inevitable choice of a dramatic dress requires hairstyling that matches the vibe, but doesn’t compete. Leaving her signature natural Afro for the evening, this elegant but statement shaped pony is no less of an entrance. 

Simple in its finish, it’s nonetheless essential that the hair is precisely prepped to achieve shine in the finish and a completely flawless no frizz halo. Start a month out with an intensive hydration routine on natural Afro hair, up the frequency of a normal routine on a hair type that always requires moisture infusion to twice a week. This will give a great foundation for styling for the event. Prep the hair with Moroccanoil Treatment before blow-drying straight with high tension from roots to ends. Spray a little non-stick hairspray on the hands and sweep the hair back securing midway between the nape and the crown with elastic, patting gently to achieve the dramatically smooth effect. Gently run a straightening iron through the ponytail in three sections before backcombing with the fingers to add a little structure, pulling once left and right to create the flat wide finish.

Jessica Chastain

This is a great vintage pin curl take on the lob. Jessica’s signature auburn locks, dramatic side parting, shorter length and high shine classic waves are a beautiful complement to a dazzling gown. Blow-dry hair prepped with a hydrating styling product with a large barrel brush, making the side parting before beginning right at the forehead and at the temple on the left side. Gently pin each section up and under once dry. Take each dry section and wrap around a wide curling tong half way down from ear to ends. Rake fingers through each tonged section to bring them together and gently drag the wave to loosen. Spray a little non-stick hairspray on the hands and pat from crown to ends.

Georgia May Jagger

Fresh, on theme and with just enough edge to really show off a flawless young complexion, I love this. The side sweep with height and a slightly wet look at the crown mixed with a classic vintage wave set off by a stunning accessory is a brilliant and non-obvious combination. 

Blow-dry the hair to one side from the very beginning, as it will build in the height at the crown as you go, and use a styling gel at the crown that will finish slightly matt/wet. Tong in sections from ears to ends around a wide barrel heated styler before gently raking through with fingers and placing to frame the face. Set by walking into a mist of non-stick hairspray rather than spraying directly onto the hair, to preserve volume and movement.

Janelle Monae

Take one signature quiff, a China theme and a dramatic hair piece cascading from the crown past the shoulder and the combination is beautiful. Janelle’s mix of her natural hair and the hair piece soften her usual look whilst adding much more drama and sophistication.

This is a great way to completely evolve great condition shorter styled Afro hair for a one off event. Choose hair pieces wisely and ensure a match, not just in colour but in texture and finish. Include moisture infused treatments for the natural hair and a hydrating styling product for a high shine blow-dry crown to ends, ready to join seamlessly with the braid pieces.

Jourdan Dunn

It’s great to see our stunning Brit catwalk star rock braids! Authentic, statement and a great look to further emphasise Jourdan’s incredible bone structure. This is a style for a specialist Afro salon stylist, but works for many to really lift the face.

Having the braids running front to back and thus off the face is softened with the braid lengths chosen. Talk to your stylist about braiding natural Afro hair or the great choice of hair pieces available to place and blend in.  

Reese Witherspoon

Classic this may be, but for me the centre parting, high shine finish and precision with which this sleek, slightly rock ‘n’ roll finish is executed is perfect for Reese’s red dress. As a hair health advocate, for me it’s the condition of the hair, with subtle varied tones on her natural blonde blended in perfectly that make this one of my picks. Leaving the dress to create the drama, hair that oozes strength and condition still wows even when blow-dried very straight. Recently going on record as a convert to Viviscal supplements, her investment in inside out health care really shows.

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