Errol Douglas Picks His Top Golden Globe Styles

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Master stylist, Errol Douglas talks us through his 2015 Golden Globe style winners........

Rosamund Pike

 Stunning and swish from the ‘Gone Girl’! After seeing this style in so many shows and shoots last year, I hoped to see it make the red carpet for longer, blunt precision cuts, and I was right - calling it ahead of awards season! Rosamund's honey hued long bob is all in the cut - delivering just the right balance of edge, glamour and femininity. The subtle mix of blonde pieces also avoids harshness, and really allows her complexion to shine. 

How to: Prep wet hair with a hydrating styling product (Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream adds shine without weight), and using a small barrel brush, tension blow-dry with the nozzle in a downwards direction from roots to ends. Run the straighteners over sections starting at the back to give a sleek finish. Spray a little non-sticky buildable hairspray that still allows that swing in the movement onto your hands, and smooth from crown to ends – repeat each side and once at the back.


Young, bold and straight off the catwalk, Lorde tames her signature voluminous curls for a dramatic wet look ponytail that fits perfectly with her trouser ensemble from Rodriguez - allowing her glamorous make-up to take centre stage. 

How to: Work through a non-sticky high shine styling gel to freshly washed hair. Comb sections from roots to ends in a downward stroke. Start the parting to the right from the front section and comb firmly over and into the rest of the hair to achieve that defined line. Gather all hair on each side just below the ear and bring round to the nape. Secure with elastic, and once in place wrap black ribbon from the nape down two inches to create the tube effect. Gently brush the remaining hair in the ponytail in a downwards direction before using hairspray on the hands to smooth and finish. Use a little hairspray on each side of the parting from the crown to just below the ear to smooth any flyaways.

Kerry Washington

Sleek and sophisticated, Kerry nails this simple yet classic high on the crown up-do. This style is entirely dependent on the hair's condition, and as a hair health nag, I love to see Afro hair hydrated and moisture infused with a high shine finish like this. 

How to: Start two weeks before a big event with intensive moisture treatment masks, one a week (I like the Keracare range). Prep the hair with Moroccanoil Treatment, all the ‘build in shine’ benefits of oil without the weight, and blow-dry in sections. Once dry gather the hair and comb upwards to the back of the crown, securing with a same hair colour bungee. Gently loosen the fastening, allowing a gentle pull to create a little height back to front without releasing too much. Use the same colour pins to arrange the hair in the bungee into a loose bun at the crown. To finish, walk into a mist of shine enhancing product.

Jennifer Lopez 

We can always rely on JLo to bring the volume AND the glamour, and this style does not disappoint. Warm honey hues mix to give this centre parted, gently back combed look great dimension and texture. This style is all in the blow-dry, with volume and body built in right from the prep with a volume building mousse that also has hydrating properties to ensure a glossy bouncy finish. 

How to: Rough dry all moisture from the hair and centre part and divide into sections. Using a large barrel brush, tension blow-dry from the back forwards, pinning each section once dried underneath itself in a wide loose roll.  Once complete, leave the pinned sections to cool until just before leaving for your event. Gently take out the pins and rake through with fingers to join all sections. Gather the two sections left to right at the back of the crown, and very gently back comb with fingers, smoothing into place. For added volume and length on finer hair, Kapello pre-taped extensions are a gentle, quick (an hour tops at the salon) way to deliver it.

Emily Blunt

Beautiful intricate braids from Emily, perfect for her Grecian inspired dress yet sophisticated enough for the red carpet. I particularly like the looseness of the plaits, which is a great way to deliver glamour and avoid a "Heidi" finish, which is more appropriate for festivals.

How to: Rough dry the hair after prepping with a hydrating product whilst wet. When it's two thirds dry, use a paddle brush to smooth and finish - drying slowly with a downwards directional nozzle and brushing gently from the crown to ends. Centre part the hair and divide into two sections left and right. Start each plait at the front, right at the hairline. Gently pull out random strands from each plait (left and right side) before pulling to loosen the braids all over. Place in a crown position front to back, and use the same colour hair pins to secure at the temple, ear, nape and ends.

Lupita Nyong’o

Now that's how you rock a 2015 awards season kick off naturally! I love this longer 'fro from Lancôme’s newest face, Lupita.

How to: Hydrated and combed out and up for enough drama in the height, great shape is achieved post-comb with placement and gentle patting. Another style that is wholly dependent on the condition, so invest in a regular treatment mask routine!

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