Errol Douglas Showcases His Top Six BAFTA Winning Styles

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Errol Douglas MBE talks us through his top six hairstyles from some of the world's most talented ladies at the 2014 BAFTAs.

Fearne Cotton

Old School glamour from Fearne as she hosted the red carpet for E!. Her large vintage, perfectly set roller waves with a beautiful side parting brought Marilyn Monroe into 2014 and complemented her William Vintage gown perfectly.

The key to this look is to build volume from the roots by blow-drying the hair but without sapping too much hydration in the process. A speedy dry with my infrared hairdryer (available in boots) and a large barrel brush will give an 'inside out' dry to lock in natural moisture and preserve shine. This will also help the hair to avoid that dry, brittle look which you can often see after heat styling.

Once dry, use a wide, large round tong from crown to ends alternating each section with an inward or outward flick before releasing - this will build in more texture and variation. Pin each section as you go along. Just before you head out for your big night gently take the pinned sections out, rake into place with fingers and finish with hairspray.

Uma Thurman

For me, Uma oozes modern movie star. Comfortable in her own style and achievements and very used to walking the red carpet.

A sophisticated simplicity mixed with just a little sexy by opting for an up-do that's loose, slightly nonchalant in its execution and flattering with subtle lift at the crown and wisps on each side.

The texture created at the back in an upwards direction through loose plaiting teased back out with a tail comb, walks a great line between occasion hair and undone. Going easy on the products and using hands to scrape up and tease out random pieces will ensure this look maintains its modern feel. Use a treatment mask the night before to give great shine to the hair.

Lupita Nyong'o

Don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this look. It's daring, natural, and the shaping and shine on the finish is an exquisite celebration of short natural Afro hair for women.

This style without a doubt is bold and it totally works. An expert crop with an experienced stylist and a regular hydration routine of weekly masks are key in maintaining this style.

Using a wide tooth comb, gently comb in an upwards motion on the crown. Smooth the cropped sides with a shine enhancing product and pat the top section into place to ensure a clean line all round.

Laura Mvula

Perhaps inspired by Lupita at the Golden Globes, Laura rocked this super short, sassy crop with a relaxed upwards quiff which finished at the crown.

The warm copper Ombre to the ends made this her interpretation of the look. Condition is everything here, and styling it to achieve that super straight finish in the quiff needs to be done carefully to avoid drying the hair out.

My Treat&Style hair straightener (available in Boots) works particularly well on Afro hair, delivering straight results whilst infusing the hair with Keratin from the capsule system to keep shine and minimise damage.

Take small sections and use from root to end. Rub a little non-sticky hairspray through the hands and carefully pat to add a little hold once finished.

Amy Adams

A glossy, auburn side-swept bun with added dimension delivered by dividing the bun into three sections for a braided effect before pinning just behind the ear. A great red carpet choice to show off her VB gown.

Keeping the finish tight with a clearly defined side parting, this style really brought the drama and allowed the high shine of Amy's great conditioned hair to take centre stage. Make sure you lock moisture in at every stage of styling from wet to the final pin. My infrared hairdryer (available in Boots) delivers speed and an 'inside out' dry to really lock in moisture.

When dry, divide the hair into two sections to create the side parting. Sweep both sections round to join behind the opposite ear and secure with a non-pull hair elastic before dividing the pony into three sections. Loosely plait the ponytail before twisting anti-clockwise and pinning at three points in the circle bun created.

Use the handle of a tail comb to very gently tease each section of the bun for a little definition before setting with hairspray.

Oprah Winfrey

Andre Walker has been with Oprah for every red carpet, every show and every landmark in her career. He always nails it, showing that a real relationship between stylist and client only grows over the years.

I love this celebration of big, playful Afro hair, nodding to the heady disco days of Donna Summer and Diana Ross. The corkscrew hair pieces pinned invisibly within her natural hair are further boosted by the scraping back of the hairline with an Alice band to really see the impact of the width and height. A real statement from Oprah, and I love it!

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