Errol's Expert Steps To A Brilliant Blow Dry

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Errol Douglas MBE shares his tips for achieving that elusive, long lasting finish blow-dry in between salon visits.

Preparation is Crucial – All Washes Are Not Created Equal
It’s really important to select the right shampoo and conditioner, as this begins the journey to the ultimate polished finish – a shampoo and conditioner that cleanses and hydrates without harshness or weighing the hair down – it’s a crucial balance. Water temperature is also vital to get right. Make it lukewarm to cool, as hot water opens the scalp’s sebaceous glands and stimulates an unhelpful amount of grease.

Easy On The Product – Less is Absolutely More
This really is the most common blow-dry blunder, overloading the hair with too much product. It’s true that damp hair is the first step in introducing something that assists styling, but when you select the right product you really do need very little of it. Before applying, squeeze and pat dry with a towel to avoid rough drying. Also, place the product in the centre of your hands and warm it before applying, first at the roots, then the middle and ends.

Direction? Back to Front.....Literally
Divide the hair into two sections, start at the back and work your way forward. This technique contributes significantly to how long the blow-dry lasts. If you’d like some movement in the end result, pin the section you're not working on up. If you want to achieve a dramatic, clean, poker straight finish, then leave the section you’re not working on to hang naturally.

Tension is a Good Thing, For a Blow-dry!
The super sleek end result is entirely down to firm pressure with the right brush as you blow dry. It creates root movement, and this very movement at the root is like the scaffolding of the blow-dry you construct. Use a top quality anti-static round brush from the beginning until just before the polish stage.

Errol recommends:

A large Barrel brush: What I love about this brush type, is when it has ionic technology, it maintains a consistent temperature and reduces drying time. The bristles produce negative ions which causes water to evaporate more quickly, and the ceramic technology in the design gives a really healthy-looking shine with body.

A non-sticky hairspray: Those looking for extra volume can spray a little on the roots at this stage of the blow-dry.

Swap Brush and Add Shine – It’s All In The Finish
Change tools here as you prepare to really invest in a high shine, clean finish for your blow-dry. Use a paddle brush to dry the remaining ends, and then comb through each section with straighteners.

Errol recommends:

Infrared PRO Dryer (Boots £49.99): Locking in moisture from the start will protect condition and shine. My dryer is speedy and dries from the inside out to really protect the finish.

Errol Douglas Treat&Style (Boots £99.99)This is a first for the high street, infusing Keratin via a capsule system as you style to protect as well as up the ante in shine. Easy to use, just like a professional level heated styler.

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