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A Trend Collection with a difference; created and refined during a challenging time when the whole world was in crisis (due to coronavirus), the Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks team worked tirelessly to put together the AW20 trends. Why? Because as we transition into the new normal, and hairdressers’ livelihoods are getting back on track, it is creativity, inspiration and education that will drive the hairdressing industry forward.

When everything is in flux we turn to the passion, imagination and creativity in all of us. As hairdressers we wake up in the morning to help people invent, reinvent and continually express themselves; whoever they are and however they want to live. Today, we’re celebrating love, life, passion and identity. Welcome to the VivID Collection. - International Creative Director for Schwarzkopf Professional, Simon Ellis

The VivID Collection from Essential Looks

Simon describes the collection as a "labour of love" where inspiration from the runway, social media and Schwarzkopf Professional's own creative community have been captured and distilled into three key trends with a renewed focus and creative vision: Once Upon A Time, Everyday Decadence and Dark Romance. Each trend features a catwalk and salon look variation, ready and waiting for YOU to transform into hairstyles your clients will love.

In addition to the looks, Schwarzkopf Professional have also launched a brand new Color Blender Tool in collaboration with Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison, who added:

I had the original idea from contouring tools used in skincare – and even on hair it makes all the blending and shading techniques a million times easier, it’s so versatile – colourists can do perfect balayage, root shadow, feathering – all the techniques – without having to rub the joins. Plus, where different colours meet it gives a really soft effect, which looks totally modern and is 100% quicker to achieve.

The tool has been used to create stunning colour blends across this season’s Essential Looks trends; using either a #dualblending, #multiblending or #freehandblending technique.

Trend 1: Once Upon a Time

...tells a tale of past and future – of nostalgia repurposed for today.

In soft-focus nostalgia, dreamy light dapples over optical patterns, geometrics and stripes; across doe eyes and gorgeously effortless hair. From a time when it felt like a burst of technicolour had transformed the world from grey into a glorious land for free-spirits, self-expressionists and individuals.

Once Upon a Time Catwalk Look: Zuzanna (@zuzanakaczmarek)
  • Here, Schwarzkopf Professional North American Colour Director and Essential Looks Ambassador, Rossa Jurenas (@rossajurenas) uses the #dualblending Technique to create the ultimate blonde look. Slices of light mahogany, the softest buttery blonde and shades of vanilla ice are carefully combined to blonde and tone – these nude shades are from the latest BLONDME Bond Enforcing Blonde Toning Range (Sand, Ice-Irisé, Biscuit, Brown Mahogany and Nougat).
  • For the cut and style, Schwarzkopf Professional Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston (@tylerjohnstonhair) creates a short under-ear cut with a beautifully tapered nape. With versatility in mind, this look can be styled big and curly or soft and glam, with a vintage Hollywood feel.
Once Upon a Time Salon Look: Paulina (@paulinagnas)
  • With a focus on blonding, Rossa Jurenas lifts a brunette base before adding selected shades from the BLONDME Bond Enforcing Blonde Toning range. Using the new Schwarzkopf Professional Color Blender Tool and the #dualblending Technique, Rossa creates a modern two-tone effect that sees blonde and brown tones smoothly applied to showcase both colours for a soft, but obvious result.
  • With a nod to the '70s, Tyler Johnston creates a bouncy layered, mid-length look with a sweeping fringe detail that frames the face; this highlights the rich colour depth with a beautifully healthy-looking finish.
Trend 2: Everyday Decadence

...celebrates structure, form and gender fluidity with comfort in cuts and opulence in the finish.

All dressed up and nowhere to go, this story is all about chilling and conversation in oversized silhouettes, luxe finishes, bright acid accents, power pastels, and contemporary gender fluidity. Pigeonholes are boring, so we’re all free to be whoever we want to be in a brave new age of understatement.

Everyday Decadence Catwalk Look: Juliana (@1dianamoroz)
  • Schwarzkopf Professional Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison uses the #multiblending Technique to create a cool blonde look with IGORA VIBRANCE. For extra definition a combination of shades (9-5-46, 9-4, 9-0 and 8-46) see a light coppery blonde at the back, dark blonde at the roots and shades of beige over the top.
  • For the cut and style, Schwarzkopf Professional Global Styling Ambassador, Richard Ashforth (@richardashforth) takes it short with a choppy layered cut that's full of texture. Worn wavy or smooth, this is a style that can be mixed-up to suit the mood of the day.
Everyday Decadence Salon Look: Maiara (@maiararubik)
  • For a rich and intriguing brunette colour, Lesley Jennison uses shades from the IGORA ROYAL assortment to tint and tone with the #multiblending Technique. Subtle and soft lighter shades are hand-painted through the mid-lengths and ends to create a tonal effect with a feeling of natural movement and depth in the colour.
  • With a playful feeling to the cut, Schwarzkopf Professional Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston creates a long pixie-esque look with room for any-which-way styling – from smooth and preppy to raw and textured.

Everyday Decadence also features a male variation of the Catwalk look, with model Rihards (@rihardsgaligins1999) expressing his modern dandy identity. Hair takes an almost #iwokeuplikethis vibe as a contemporary, hand-ruffled quiff is styled to defy gravity.

Trend 3: Dark Romance

...weaves a magical world of bewitchment and illusion, with strength in fragility, richness in embellishment, mystery in transparency and beauty in everything.

A darkness falls, casting mysterious shadows that beguile and seduce. Part paranormal, part romance, this trend casts a subversive spell that bewitches all who see it. With magical layers of embellishment, weaving enchanted worlds of dark transparency, dusky brocades, inky blooms, deconstructed forms and a spirit of rebellion into the dusk.

Dark Romance Catwalk Look: Paige (@paigesaffron)
  • For the colour, Lesley Jennison first lifts select areas of the base to help the darker tones shine through, before creating iridescent depths with the #freehandblending Technique and IGORA VIBRANCE. Thanks to the Color Blender Tool, Lesley is able to paint and blend soft shades of deep purple, greyish mauve and mushroom-y pink (9.5-1, 7-48, 6-99, 3-0, 8-19, 3-19 and 6-12) for a bewitching effect that's still flattering next to the skin.
  • For the cut, Richard Ashforth makes a statement with a chin length, choppy bob that's full of attitude. Adding a raw, cropped fringe brings this look together with versatile styling options that fascinate and intrigue.
Dark Romance Salon Look: Valerie (@valerie.jerome)
  • Mixing a glossy, soft brown colour blend for this look, Lesley uses the newly refined IGRORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES portfolio (shade 7-460) at the roots before refreshing ends with IGORA VIBRANCE. The chic brunette base shimmers with depths of violet, petrol-y blue and mauve, whilst lighter hues frame the face.
  • For an elegant silhouette, Schwarzkopf Professional Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston keeps the length, creating a freshly trimmed base with choppy undone layers and a weighty fringe that feels classy and relaxed all at the same time.
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