Festival Skincare by Abigail James

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British Summer Time means greater sun exposure, so it’s time to protect your skin. Abigail James, Global Skincare Ambassador for Liz Earle, offers her top tips to survive festival season so you feel confident in your own skin.

I’m a huge fan of festivals, and savvy packing is key, not just your wardrobe but your skin and body care essentials. Keep it simple by keeping the number of products to a minimum or opt for small bottles, as you are going to have enough to lug around without a full bathroom cabinet in a bag to contend with as well. - Abigail James

1. A great cleanser is important for that fresh faced feeling, even if you can’t shower, and good for removing any face paints - essential if you get a little carried away with the hippie vibe.

2. A face balm is probably the most multi-tasking of products, it can be used as a face cleanser, eye makeup remover, moisturiser, great for rough hands and body and lips. It’s a good all round skin healer and excellent frizzy hair tamer.

3. Facial spritz handbag sizes are readily available, as you might not be able to find clean water to cleanse your face with, so a tonic or spritz to freshen and hydrate the skin is a fantastic alternative.

4. Choose makeup personal to you. For me, that’s a lipstick, waterproof mascara, reliable and long lasting eyeliner, a highlighting concealer and compact bronzer.

5. Sun protection is essential, as the weather may not be fully predictable, but you will be outside without a lot of shade. For the face, opt for a light-weight tinted SPF 25 plus.

6. Dry shampoo for that newly washed look and feel.

7. Hand sanitizer or gel for personal hygiene in case you are unable to get to running water to wash your hands.

8. Eye drops to freshen up blurry eyes and restore that sparkle.

9. Deodorant such as a silky roll on is small and easy to pack.

Abigail James has been treating clients for over a decade, and in 2014 international skincare brand Liz Earle announced Abigail as their Global Skincare Ambassador. Renowned for her signature facials, her gentle touch and her expertise in skin health and wellbeing, Abigail’s treatments are highly sought after and respected from industry insiders, celebrities and London’s elite.

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